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Algiz (The elk rune)

If you pulled Algiz

Seek spiritual contact with yourself and your dreams. Listen to what is happening now in life because everything is served in front of you that is important for you to take part in; you see what you should know, you feel what you should feel, you hear what you should listen to, everything falls into place in its own time.
If Algiz is hidden, you do not want to see yourself, do not trust your senses, do not trust anyone or anything but try to assert yourself instead of being a part of everything.

Algiz carved

The form of three carvings, two that go out of the "body" and stretch upwards. Directed energy both ways, left and right, but can also be seen as a crown. This rune comes as a step after you in Tyr found your inner power; now, dignity will carry its role in the center. An awareness of life and who you are, what goals you have to realize. Pulling Algiz, you feel the energy of creation from Issaz to reach out, to stretch out the "arms," and welcome your own self in the middle of everything.

If youre drawn to Algiz

If you are drawn to Algiz, it shows that you stand up for yourself; you know who you are and what your gift is. You value both yourself and others and strive for more expression of what is. Your inner drive is about realizing more of yourself; you're in contact with your higher self.

Guidance from Algiz

Work - East
You are now a part of what is happening around you; everything seems to belong together. You feel confident that things are going well; if nothing else, stop and listen to your inner guide.
Love - South
You may receive true love, possibly from your twin soul. There are profound, serious, positive, and honest feelings in your relationship, strengthening emotional ties.
Economy - West
They get what you need, and right now, nothing more. You must stop and clarify where your security is - in yourself or money.
Health - North
You live in harmony with yourself; your body is in a state of well-being. You listen more to what your body, soul, and spirit need.
Spiritual - Void
You live your truth. You feel quiet and spiritual security. Connect with your roots and spiritual guides.
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