You may be experiencing some hesitation towards serious matters and feel stubborn or less motivated. Perhaps you are feeling resistance towards what is important to you. Take this opportunity to reflect on why you are experiencing these feelings and why practical thinking and logic are needed in situations where you just want to get away with something.

You may also be feeling unusually stubborn, tired, and lethargic, and things may not be flowing as you had imagined. This is just a temporary phase, so take the opportunity to relax and be lazy. Go on a vacation, even if it's just in your mind. Let go of your responsibilities and all your ideas until the energy starts flowing again.

You may want more control over your life, more responsibility, or more of everything on your terms. You want to plan and invest your time to create continued development, but it's also important to be in the moment and not constantly chase the future. Try to enjoy what you have now and take everything that happens as an opportunity to build a safe foundation with yourself.

You may feel like you don't have time for love, and that other things attract you more. Seriousness might be something that you struggle with, and you'd rather take a light moment for yourself than feel obligated to give of yourself and be present in a meeting. During this period, it's essential to evaluate your feelings and determine what brings you happiness and what makes demands.

20th of January - 19th of February

Innovation, finding, and questioning.
Element - Air
Metal -Aluminium
Pos/neg - Positive
Sex - Masculine
Quality - Fixed
Body Part - Blood Circulation.
Ruler Planet - Uranus
Color - Turquoise
Crystal - Aquamarine
Plant - Orchid, pepper
Tarot card - XVII The Star
Professional life: The Internet, computer, aerospace, research. In new age area: mostly created by visions.
Honest, loyal, intense, searcher, deep, imaginative, and intellectual.

To believe in their vision. Aquarius is the optimist, the visionary of the future that creates their thoughts and dreams of the perfect life.
You commit to innovation, and you can create things that no one has previously even thought of. A little restless with still consciousness about what is happening in the present.
Journey go to exciting development cities, preferably by air. Money must realize their dreams, so they are an essential ingredient in life.

In love, Aquarius feels freedom but also the construction of shared goals and values.

You are the true pioneer; you want to experience, see, and feel more of all that is for you if someone knows more. You are a thinker; you philosophize on everything possible; you see there must be something more or another way of it. You find it easy to learn, to find interests, and go in full to understand.

Everything is essential to you, and nothing is impossible; it may just take a little longer to fix it. You are open, cheerful, and a bit cool; cold chatter and gossip are not for you; you are truthful; you want to be free and with open borders.

You want development, yes, it's a lot as you want, and you think about how you will solve it. Still, you don't throw yourself into anything, it must already have a basis and take most of it very seriously, and others may have difficulty following your swings.

You are honest, say that it is, and expect others to do likewise so that it is possible to create a foundation to build on. Logic and facts, planning and theories, it is your thing.
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