A time when you can create more structure in your plans, give yourself time to check through what you want to do and see it in the long run. You are in a period where you can create better, more thoughtful improvements.

You have the will and the power to give yourself time to think carefully and see different alternatives to the result. You should give yourself time in your planning and weigh the pros and cons before taking action to get the best results—a time for more planning than action.

You are in a phase where you have to trust your knowledge and create what is important to you based on your experience and what you want in your life. You may be a little hectic and eager and want to get grips on everything at once while you know the limitations of logical thinking; you may not need to be in such a hurry; instead, give it time.

You may feel hesitant and withdraw; you are probably not in a romantic mood, and maybe you would rather be alone and put all your energy into yourself. You can have many thoughts about love and relationships, and with some time and other aspects, take the opportunity to develop yourself during this time. You gain more by giving yourself time than investing in a relationship, an excellent time to leave everything as it is.

21st of Marsch-20th of April

Impulsive, creative, and restless.
Element- Fire
Metal - Iron
Pos/neg - Positive
Sex - Masculine
Quality - Kardinal
Part of body - Head
Ruler planet - Mars
Color - Red
Crystal - Diamond
Plant - Honeysuckle & Thistle
Tarot Card - XVI The Tower.

Working life - Pioneer. In lively occupations with high freedom of movement and realizations of ideas. Engineer, military, psychiatrist- In the new age area as an NLP therapist.

Impulsive, pioneer spirit, innovator, dynamic, intensive, quick in turns, lack of patience. Lesson To realize your dreams, invest in yourself, listen to your intuition. Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, and it is the most impulsive.

It is the most impatient sign and has an eagerness to start a business but loses interest after a while since they have something else to start. Active and, brilliant. Aries interests themself for all therapy that goes fast, for example, psychoanalysis, NLP, and gladly Tarot or numerology so that all the cells in the brain puts speed. Aries is an organizer in its most significant sense. Likes adventures, can climb Mount Everest but has difficulty 'to rest out on Mallorca. Money is to spend on all new ideas. Aries becomes fast in love and gives everything for the moment. Personality The sign of Aries is about an outer identity.

Impulsivity is reliable quality, to get an idea, to start it, but it's almost no stamina to continue to the end. Aries is the signum of an innovator. You're aware of who you are and are that in a dignified way. And you can't see anything else that it's a good thing. With the Aries' energy, you are probably inquisitive, full of energy, intense, and outgoing.

You need speed and changes- You believe in yourself, it seems like you have good self-esteem, and you do. It can be hard for you to be still, and having patience is not your virtue; you act directly from your thought, from your impulses, and you seldom stay to see the result. Your energy show engagement, a keen interest in something (a lot of things), and new ideas.

You never stop; you always find a new way to look at things. It's rare for you to pause and reflect, afraid of stagnation and that life will be boring. You hate to be in a calm phase. You're eager and always on the move. You're still the one that starts things but not so often the one that ends them since you're on the move with the next impulse. You need to work with your patience and not be restless.
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