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If you pulled Assiz

You are You, unique, intuitive, loving, and in harmony with everything and everyone. Your actions are controlled and should be controlled from the heart and not by the influence of others. You can be in a spiritual development where you open up more of your vision.
If Assiz is hidden, you are afraid of your feelings; it can be too much emotion, making you insecure, not trusting yourself, and having difficulty trusting someone else. You may also be afraid of your media power. Afraid to see and in it, too fearful of the responsibility.

Assiz carved

Assiz is the moon rune that provides contact with the Asa Gods. It also shows the wholeness between body, mind, and spirit, the Trinity. Here, the energy is directed downwards, searching and strengthening tied to the original body (Issaz). When you draw this rune, you can sense the firmness by pulling down the two carvings.

If youre drawn to Assiz

If you are drawn to Assiz, you are a bit of a mystic who likes to explore the unknown and seeks answers to why everything is. You live in a world of dreams, and you are good at anticipating the next step. Your inner drive is your sense of what is.

Guidance from Assiz

Work - East
You are now about to realize your life goal. You become one with your vision. Dare to believe in what your soul longs for - realize.
Love - South
You are in harmony and balance in a relationship; you find your opposite pole, your twin soul to unite with, perhaps first within yourself, but you know that the whole is close.
Economy - West
A good balance, what is yours and will be yours, comes your way. It would be best if you voluntarily let go of what does not belong to you.
Health - North
Your emotions control your health; if you feel good, you are whole and in balance, and if you feel and feel bad, you create an imbalance - the choice is yours.
Spiritual - Void
You are one with your soul here and now as long as you listen to your inner truth.
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