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If you pulled Bjarkaz

Look around, and enjoy your surroundings; balance, harmony, and community are essential now. Use your entire register, show who you are, and pass on the legacy.
If Bjarkaz is hidden, you close your eyes to what is behind you and what you can create; you doubt your power and do not trust the experience you have with you.

Bjarkaz carved

Five carvings in a rune, Issaz and then Wynjaz, but when the energy goes down next time, it closes again. An upright "eternity eight." This energy shows the origin, security. You can also see Laguz in this in two directions (reversed), which shows that the emotions are seen from two directions. Here, the circle is about to be closed, with control over the water (emotional) supply when it closes inward to the origin. It replenishes what already exists. The most feminine rune can also be seen as a pair of breasts that, in turn, represent nutrition to live.

If youre drawn to Bjarkaz

If you are drawn to Bjarkaz, you are grounded, safe, and stable and see opportunities in most things. You value, take responsibility, and make sure that everything develops as it should. Your inner drive is to take care of what is evolving.

Guidance from Bjarkaz

Work (East)
A stable foundation, a promising continuation. You have enormous opportunities to succeed, listen to yourself, dare to make decisions, and act. This is the beginning of self-employment or increased responsibility.
Love (South)
You stay up in harmony and presence. Believe in what you have and dare to continue investing in your dreams. Love is present and safe.
Economy (West)
An excellent foundation to build on, you have the experience needed to move forward—investments in projects that have already begun.
Health (North)
You are in basic physical shape and work entirely in harmony.
Spiritual (Void)
You reach deep into yourself, stopping and expanding your consciousness. You are in more harmony than before; dare to see who you are and what your resources are and use your power.
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