You may experience feeling demands from everyone; you may feel that you are not enough. But by focusing on everything around you, you can gather energy and get a lot done now, as long as you focus.

A good time for you to sort up, organize, and keep track of all the paperwork and other things on the side. You can now benefit from all the energy, get most things in order, and get the strength to focus extra if you put additional demands aside. But you can quickly get annoyed and give up because you think you are not enough.

You may have difficulty concentrating, but if you take one thing at a time and make a list, you should see that you can create more control over your basic security during this period than before.

You need to stop for a bit; you may feel rushed, that there is a lot to do, and you may not even recognize your mood that can swing in all directions because impatience and uncertainty about how to act with everything around you can be a little stressed.

You need to stop and look at your relationships. Is it that you give more of yourself than you get back, that it takes energy from you? Learning to set boundaries and see to yourself can be essential; create your sphere where you get the emotional space you need to feel good. Maybe not the most romantic period, but you can get in touch with your feelings on a deeper level, which will benefit you in the future.

22nd of June-22nd of July

Home caring, romantic, shy and introverted.
Element - Water
Metall - Silver
Pos/neg - Negative
Sex - Feminine
Quality - Cardinal
Body part - Chest, digestion system.
Ruler Planet - Moon
Color - Silver Gray
Crystal - Pearl
Plant - Lily. Waterlily
Tarot card - XVIII Moon
Education, chef, caretaker, doctor. Within new spirituality as a healer, teacher, vegetarian chef, wellness, and spa.
Loving, caring, considering, sympathetic and careful.

To be in the now, to be safe within. Cancer is the sign that is most home caring, enjoying home and family, and has complete control over cans and curtains in a lovely mix. Is tender, caring and should probably need ¨swing-doors in their homes that in some way always is open for everyone that need someone to lean on.
Journeys aren't the thing för Cancer if they can't take their home with them or at least some of the things, sometimes it can be perfect with a pillow. Money is taking care of others, and if they invest, they do it in situations for the home and then mainly the kitchen.
Love is vital; it's the elixir of life. They enjoy a genuine partnership, a grand wedding, and a lot of kids.

You're a harmonious person and enjoy taking it slow with others. You like to be in your emotional experience. Being at home with family is your priority, and you can handle it all your time. You can potter forever at home, but don't have that patience if you're outside your home space. Nut you have patience as long as it comes to your nearest and dearest, you live your life to others.

Your closest ones and their well-being are most important, and you have a sixth sense when it comes to being open about how others feel. You're good at caring and making everything work in harmony with a positive spirit and strengthening togetherness. You have a gift whit your sensitivity and your sense to create wellbeing, and if it's through an embrace, though being around or if your baking buns have no meaning, as long as you can give from yourself.

You have a considerable interest in the decoration of your home just because it means so much to you, and if you do make a journey, you will take things with you to decorate to feel at home. You can be an excellent chef, but on your terms, more important than it's good than healthy.

Even if you put your nearest first, it's because you feel good when they feel good and create well-being for all. You can quickly get hurt and put up a shell, close the door to others, and just withdraw, with enormous pain. You can walk through fire to reach the goal of harmony.
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