The Third Eye chakra helps you see yourself as you are and trust your intuition, higher self, and inner me. To see the wholeness, to see it all and not put up any limits at all. It's in this energy you have all the possibility to look inside and find peace and harmony.

It's the chakra for the spiritual meaning of life, de occult, and the eye that sees it all. This chakra gives you spiritual insights and helps you and teaches you to see with your eyes closed and feel from your inner sense and not only look at the outside.

Indigo (third eye) shows in spiritual philosophic thinking and sensitivity, visions, spiritual togetherness, and new influences that will encourage a new way of thinking. Pictures that stimulate the eye and mind are the color for activation from media, such as movies, TV, and radio.

On the lower part of the body, it will show that you have too much fantasy and a lot of visions that somewhat will be named illusions.

Use Indigo when you want to develop your spirituality, meditate and look at your inner truth. It's the best energy when you want to expand your spiritual side, dream more, and listen to your intuition. Indigo has all to do with research on your intellectual and spiritual growth.

Indigo is the energy when you need more depth and seriousness and to be spiritually creative.

If this chakra is overactive
Flipped-out! You can feel lost and have a hard time being in reality and ordinary life. Maybe you run away from responsibility, having problems taking things more seriously. Is "a no matter what" personality? It probably issues with drugs or medication; with too much energy in this chakra, it's challenging to live in reality and take it too slow; it's just more natural to get confused and flip out. Not even responsibility for you is genuine; you're a dreaming type who can't concentrate and focus on daily life.

If this chakra is underactive
If you have too little energy in this chakra, you can have a hard time looking forth. You can't feel the inspiration, have no expectancies, don't know what you want, avoid making decisions, and can't find the purpose of things.

You may feel lost with yourself, not connecting with others, getting stuck in routines, being afraid of changes, and being part of something that hasn't got any structure.

Easy to get depressed and without any strength, maybe some problems with drugs or a habit that takes control over life's actions.


Use indigo & purple when you want to develop more of your spirituality, meditate and see your inner truth.

* When you want to develop your psychic ability, dream more and listen to your intuition.

* Everything that has to do with search, philosophy, and spiritual development.

Indigo, when you want more depth and seriousness, create and be spiritually creative.

Purple, when you want to take things more accessible, listen more to yourself.

Indigo/purple is found in nuts and sugar, and alcohol, as well as in meditation, visualization, affirmations, and creation of inner images and searching for symbols.

Indigo energy

Place on body:
Just above the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead.
Physical influence:
Hypophysis, the head with all organs.


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