The navel chakra will help you to look at yourself as you are, your abilities and capacity, and in that, your power to create and be in your lust. It also shows the power of having the energy to do more, trust yourself in all your actions, and have a planned project to be accomplished. It also indicates sexual satisfaction and the communication of both mind and body.
The Navel chakra will negotiate energy from the base chakra. But in a changed form (more speed) to a higher vibration that makes the opportunities to become more creative and to have more lust and a stronger will.
This chakra shows that more possibilities can create a stronger desire to get more of what has started.
It's a creative chakra that makes you dare and have the will to do more as you get along. It spins over your ambition, creative side of art, and sexual instinct with the base chakra.
Orange (navel) shows creativity, impulses, resourcefulness, desire, realization, and passion. In the wrong spots on the body, it can show in self-regard, fear, and trouble concentrating.
Use orange energy when you want to create, be creative, feel lust, and reduce your hunger. Use it when you want to feel love for yourself, trust your feelings, and make others see and experience social contact with you. Use it if you're going to be more secure, more determined, and stubborn.
This color will help you if you have social problems and need to move on and meet people. With orange, you dare to realize the things you believe in; it's easier to cooperate and be open to suggestions without fear that someone will steal your ideas or leave you behind.
If this chakra is overactive
Then you have a strong love for yourself and are into sexual enjoyment. Maybe you are too easy to be sturdy and fixed and also very stubborn. No control over appetite and can have problems with food (bulimia or anorexia).
If you have too much energy in this chakra, it's easy to become too much for the surroundings. And having problems getting new influences and thinking clearly, you have too many feelings mixed up with no internal control to feel secure enough. You can have difficulties considering others' feelings, want to do, and feel a lot but have the challenge to get it done. Don't listen to other proposals; instead, get stuck to trying to do things the old way. With the feeling of how it would rightly be done, you may have more problems knowing what to do. You could have problems with your appetite, both for life and food; you want a lot but have problems directing the energy the right way. Mostly everything in life will be a way to get lost, having difficulties deciding and acting; the inner created emotions will take over. But it can't be realized if you don't stop and look ahead instead of being in a state of enjoying the moment.
If this chakra is underactive
You don't enjoy your company, have a hard time being yourself, and accept life as it is. Don't trust either yourself or others. You will have a hard time deciding, feeling insecure.
If it's too little energy in this chakra, it will influence the will to live and be alive. Maybe having the feeling of being unsuccessful and lonely and not having the power to act is needed. Having a hard time getting all together to wholeness is commonly divided. Don't feel the eagerness or lust to be a part of any actions and feel the emptiness and no will at all, have lost all powers and need more rest than usual.


You can activate orange energy by feeling for what you want and then doing it by allowing yourself to have fun in life. Maybe go to the cinema, throw yourself on the couch with a book, make an excursion, small things as big but to be in the moment and enjoy what is.
But you can also activate the orange by being sporty, taking a walk, running a turn, swimming, playing tennis, yes, whatever you feel your body is being used as a tool.
Orange is joy, creativity, desire, and impulses.
Orange can make you activate what drives you to create, develop, produce more of your inner joy, and have more impulses.
When you feel you are losing commitment, you need orange.
Use orange if you feel you need to get more creative.
Use orange when you feel you need more desire and listen to your impulses.

Orange energy

Place on the body:
Right below and under the navel.
Physical influence:
 Fertile organs, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines.


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