The Crown chakra gives you the right energy to think and to act forward; it’s here you have a source for your mental part and intelligence, knowledge and understanding, and with that to see the wholeness.

It’s also with this chakra that you develop your dreams and gets your mental and spiritual focus.
Purple (crown) shows the philosophy of life, speculations, sensitivity, and a dreamlike approach toward life. It will show that you have too many dreams that aren’t a part of life on the lower parts of your body, and all your ambitions are up in the blue.

Use Purple when you want to develop more of your spirituality, meditate, and look at your inner truth. These are the color for spiritual education and use them when you want to listen to yourself and follow your dreams.

If this chakra is overactive
Then it’s a lack of balance, and you can have, or it’s easy for you to get a headache, and you create focus on too many problems. You can be in chaos with yourself, don’t know what to do, think one thing, and do another.

You can feel depressive and empty in thoughts, having a hard time looking forward. Have no ideas and plans for the future and are shattered and nervous. You can feel like you’re ordinary confused, and insecure, and you have no contact with your body.

It can be difficult for you to concentrate and act; it’s easier to live in your dreams and go with the flow no matter where the flow is going. It can be challenging for you to get physical contact as you’re too much up in the blue.

If this chakra is underactive
If you have too little energy in this chakra, you can feel the emptiness; you can’t focus or think straight, not concentrate and see your goals.
There are no dreams, no hope for the future, and it’s difficult for you even to imagine the future; you can’t look at the visions and hardly know what the next step is. A shattered ground that is mixed up and drained of energy that you’re feeling lost.


Use indigo & purple when you want to develop more of your spirituality, meditate and see your inner truth.

* When you want to develop your psychic ability, dream more and listen to your intuition.

* Everything that has to do with search, philosophy, and spiritual development.

Indigo, when you want more depth and seriousness, create and be spiritually creative.

Purple, when you want to take things more accessible, listen more to yourself.

Indigo/purple is found in nuts and sugar, and alcohol, as well as in meditation, visualization, affirmations, and creation of inner images and searching for symbols.

Purple energy

Place on the body:
Beneath the fontanel.
Physical influence:
Head, epiphysis


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