Rune magic (eng)

Runes are the first alphabet of our history, each with its own symbolism and story of past, present, or future events. I teach through the creation of energies, following the way I was taught. This means that you won't learn just by memorizing the Futhark or Uthark, but by understanding the meaning behind the creation of each rune, from Issaz to the empty or full rune.

You will learn about the placement of each rune in the rune wheel and understand their individual meaning, as well as their connection to elements and their respective colors.

The energy of runes carries ancient magic, where each letter represents an energy that can be interpreted as an individual, animal, event, life and death, property, fears, or happiness.

The 25 runes contain knowledge about different phases of life. By understanding the energy behind each letter, you can see your past, present, and future. Whether you are new to interpreting runes or already familiar with them, you can deepen your knowledge by working with the runes.

You will learn the meaning behind each rune, how to create magic with them, and how they can guide you in your life (divination). Each rune is also associated with different elements: fire (activity), water (emotions), earth (security), air (personality), and the void (spirituality).

In addition to this, you will learn about Runoka, a form of yoga that works with the energy of the runes. Each rune is covered in the course profile, with theoretical and practical information, as well as a film for each rune that can be viewed repeatedly.

Overall, the course offers a comprehensive understanding of the runes, their energy, and their connection to our lives.
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