Tarot card by card (Eng)

Tarot, card by card, will get you to know the basics about Tarot, even if you're already a Tarot reader. However, you can also get some unique insight from the way I see Tarot and that the system behind that is more logical.

With these lessons, you can learn card by card to develop your knowledge of Tarot. For each card, you will find a simple description, only common facts in a way I like to encourage you to understand the basics of each card. Then you have the keywords; you will manage to build your words and description on each card.

From that, you create contact with your subconsciousness, strengthening your knowledge of each card. It will be more personally related. A different but more inspiring way for you to develop more about your understanding of the Tarot and you and your patterns.

It doesn't differ if you're a beginner, have never held a Tarot deck in your hands, or have read Tarot cards for years. If you're a beginner, it will be a way to create knowledge and understanding of each card and make it easier to get started.

If you have interpreted Tarot before, this can be a fresh challenge to start from zero, with each card created from your inner images.

The course also includes The Element Spread with a PDF book, all the cards interprented for each position of the Element Spread.

The price is in Swedish Kronor. 10 skr= 1 dollar 
Price for course 180 dollar.
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