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If you pulled Dagaz

The transformation in your life is now relevant right in front of you. Take your knowledge and belief, and realize everything you want to create. You now have the ability to open your eyes and pay attention to all that gives you the means to realize yourself.
If Dagaz is hidden, you fear your power and demand to be a part of what is highlighted in the light.

Dagaz carved

The next step is to remove the legs from the Iss and become aware, to wake up and be wholeness. Here is the "eternity eight," all four corners, but those between the cardinal points. There are two empty triangles where everything can be created. In the rune, Gifuz and Issaz are linked. The person gets a framework and, from it, security and awareness that there is more available.

If youre drawn to Dagaz

If you are drawn to Dagaz, you are a positive person who continually finds you at the center of everything and, in all that is innovative. You take comfortable space, and optimism flows. Your inner motivation is to create joy.

Guidance from Dagaz

Work- East
Now that you have succeeded, step into the light and stand for who you are. Make demands on your surroundings; they need you the way you need them. Create what you want; dare to believe in yourself.
Love - South
Finally, you see the love for what it is and dare to take advantage of it. Believe that love is here for you; be more empathetic. The longing and empathy come out more clearly.
Economy - West
Make a redistribution and re-plan your finances to invest in what you believe in. Realize your desire and give yourself a gift.
Health - North
Bring out all the motivation because now is the opportunity to realize what you have longed for.
Spiritual - Void
Let go of limitations and live, laugh, and dare to give in to him. Be your light; create each new day and moment as a new experience.
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