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If you pulled Ehiz

Here you are, with your body and your spirituality; let yourself enjoy the balance and harmony of your life. You can now let go of all that has held you back. Instead, release a lot of energy that gives you the power to restart.
If Ehiz is hidden, it shows fears holding you back. You limit yourself and hold on to what does not give you any development.

Ehiz carved

When the passion in Ingaz is realized, there is also a boundary between the earth and the spiritual. An awareness that there is something more than what is. This rune is also called death as it shows that you drop altogether after your insights; the old one no longer fits. Here are two Issaz, polarity, but they are tied together by two carvings that direct the energy downwards. It's from the Issaz the force comes, and then the energy meets in the middle, where the energy stops.

If youre drawn to Ehiz

If you are drawn to Ehiz, you are a person who enjoys development and who may have difficulty staying in what is. You want new energies, new meetings, and a whole new development most of the time. Your inner drive is changing.

Guidance from Ehiz

Work - East
Let go of the old and dare to invest in something new. See what attracts you: freedom, demands, less responsibility, greater responsibility, or just letting go and moving on.
Love - South
You dare to stop and trust your feelings; something is essential in a decision; remember to take care of your inner and outer perception. Dare to unleash new emotions, let go of demands and fears, and live.
Economy - West
Maybe not of much importance after all. You experience the difference between living with money and living off money.
Health - North
Your body transforms; you let go of an old shell and see yourself as you are.
Spiritual - Void
Ecstasy through the body, soul, and spiritual. You dare to let go of everything that worries you and have confidence in life.
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