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If you pulled Eohez

You are now in balance with yourself, see your values listen to what is happening around you. What do you want to do next?
If Eohez is hidden, the rune shows that you avoid standing up for who you are and do not take responsibility for your actions.

Eohez carved

Eohez is the rune for Yggdrasil, the tree of life; if you look at the rune, it has Issaz in the middle, then growth in two directions. It's about the power of yourself, your own growing, which can only happen if you dare to develop your roots and branches. It's sprawling to carve, first the carving in the middle, the one up that goes from the top to the roots, then from down from the roots, carving upwards to show everything grows and the flow, like when it rains, the water falls down to then rise and fall again.

If youre drawn to Eohez

If you are drawn to Eohez, you are present in life, in everything that is happening and open-minded, conscious, and responsible. You take responsibility for yourself. Your inner drive is your ability to stop and reflect. 

Guidance from Eohez

Work - East
Take advantage of what you have; you are in the right place right now for your development. Dare to have confidence and dare to grow with your task. You get to show off, show who you are, and enjoy success.
Love - South
Live in security, take advantage of what you already have, and dare to give yourself time to be. Do not search outside of yourself - Everything is within you.
Economy - West
Dare to invest in what is necessary; you have assets waiting to be shown—any money that comes through family or other security that shows up.
Health - North
An excellent period to stop and dare to be in silence; maybe you feel good about a retreat, possibly a fasting period.
Spiritual - Void
Go into yourself and be; enjoy life.
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