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If you pulled Fehaz

Life is yours; everything you want is within reach. You can now be confident in what you have and get more of what you want. You can build on your assets, be in a flow of new opportunities, and have security. You can be confident in what you have and create further development together with others.

If Fehaz is hidden, it can show that you are afraid of responsibility and do not know how to handle everything new that comes your way. You may have difficulty coming to terms with your surroundings and lack confidence.

Fehaz carved

As a basis, Issaz is used, but then two carvings are directed upwards to show openness to take in and reach out. The word "Fe" comes from the north and refers to a time when livestock was considered a symbol of wealth. This is where you consider your external value. When you pull this rune, you may feel the same sense of creativity and freedom as when painting and letting the brush create multiple strokes. It can also be seen as a person who opens their arms to receive what comes from above, symbolizing a receptive attitude.

If youre drawn to Fehaz

If you feel drawn to Fehaz, it means that you are attuned to the flow of life and receptive to all experiences that come your way. You absorb and give back, constantly evaluating and shaping every situation to bring out the best in it. Your innate motivation lies in the ability to listen to your inner wisdom and act upon it.

Guidance from Fehaz

Work - East
You achieve success. You get more opportunities for yourself and more respect that you feel satisfied with what you have achieved—a good continuation of what you started.
Love - South
Strong ties that are tied (possibly engagement or marriage). You reach the whole in a relationship and live in harmony with love. You release old thought patterns about love that have limited you.
Economy - West
All your assets are in balance. You have the opportunity to invest in yourself and your plans for the future. Life is waiting for you: a financial release, winnings, and gifts.
Health - North
You feel good, your whole body is in balance, it can show the possibilities for pregnancy, and if nothing else, you nourish your inner child.
Spiritual - Void
Wholeness between body, soul, and spirit gives you security and a state of spiritual ecstasy. You release your fears.
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