You may be suffering from a certain laziness and are not getting involved as much as you should. It's time to take things a little more calmly. You might be feeling pressured and a little out of shape, but you enjoy taking it a little bit easier. Your planning is out of balance, as you tend to put things off.

You have difficulty explaining what you want to others because you probably don't even know it yourself. You can take advantage of this energy by stopping, enjoying life, relaxing, not making too many demands on yourself, and focusing on improving your physical health and the material things in your home.
Analyze your job situation and ask yourself what you and others are getting out of it. Do you feel needed? It's time for you to get involved without always expecting to get all the benefits without the cooperation and shared goals.

You are in the mood to experience more, but you can be a bit more comfortable, more in your dreams than in reality. You have an inner longing, perhaps mostly for what seems unattainable, rather than what you can create for yourself right now. Ideally, you probably just want to wait for all the attention and closeness without having to do anything yourself. Maybe now is the time for you to dare to broaden your horizons and offer a little more of yourself.

You try to see what's happening around you and slide along without having to take more responsibility yourself. You're probably not in your most creative energy, and you might need a vacation or education to see everything from a different perspective with more joy and experience.

22n of May-21st of June

Dual in performance, communicative, transient, and present at the same time.
Element- Air
Metall- Mercury
Pos/neg- Positive
Sex- Masculine
Quality - Changeable
A body part - Shoulders, arms, nervous system.
Ruler planet - Mercurius
Color - Yellow
Crystal - Agate
Herbs - Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Fern. Anise.
Tarot card - X The Wheel of Fortune
Working area - Salesman, advertising, media, journalist, writer Within new spirituality as Voice Dialogue, Psychotherapist, Rebirthing.
Multilateral, intense, flexible, intellectual, intelligent, lively, and restless.

To see it all from two sides, intermediate, communicate, and stand up for values. The Gemini is the one that plays a double role, both watchful and direct, and needs to find out what's behind it. To pay a visit to a Gemini can have its challenges; at one visit, you can be invited to cake, and on the other, you can have the door slammed in your face. It's all after the Geminis mood.

The Gemini is mental and needs to have control, and at the same time, no one is more delightful for surprises. It is curious and needs no more than it showed at first sight.

Journeys will be to places people are talking about, where something is happening, or can be a scoop. Money is the second value and can be most important; like everything, the Gemini is flexible and changes attitude all the time.

You're eager to know more and are driven by an inner force to understand; even more, you seek to evolve. You have a massive portion of the action that can always make you pushier and more curious. It's hard for you to be still, always looking for something new to develop.
You're inquisitive and have a belief that you are all mighty. You always find the answer or know how to see it. You want to develop in all that you do; it needs to be a goal with everything that happens; even if you're not the one to handle it, you need to have control.

You're alert, maybe the sportiest one of all the star signs, which could be from your restlessness to the time you look for new adventures. And that also makes you a globetrotter; if you're not packing your bag, you're into brochures or traveling magazines with your nose.

You're changeable as a person, often showing two sides of yourself, one calm and social and one excited and as a lone wolf. Two extremes, two sides of all. It's easy for you to present your messages, and it seems like you believe that all must be done and explored right now, which makes you very intense. But when you got it all out, all the things that you have melted, then you take a break before starting over again. Insecure people will easily misunderstand you, but you can handle people by being flexible, on the other hand. 
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