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Gifuz (Gifu)

If you pulled Gifuz

Gifuz shows that harmony and balance for a higher spiritual purpose are now a part of you. You are in a phase of creation and reception. You reflect on your own identity, and your possibilities create a development of your lessons.

If Gifuz is hidden, you may close your eyes to your power and put more energy into your mistakes instead of focusing on the positives that you have gained from what has affected you. You lock your energy, get stuck in the past, and do not want to look ahead or take responsibility for your actions.

Gifuz carved

When the basic shape is put aside, there is immediately more energy flow even when a similar energy form crosses it. Here, the form shows that there are opportunities from all sides (the elements) and the possibility as a human being to stand safely with yourself. Identity exists in this symbol, as when those who could not write before putting an X. X because you are someone and that you are in development. Carve an X and feel the power from the first carving, and then in the second, it strengthens, marks, and provides much more possibilities than just an Issaz on the oblique.

If you're drawn to Gifuz

If you are drawn to Gifuz, you are well-balanced, calm, and secure. Listen inwardly and act outwardly, allowing everything to proceed at a pace that is essential to you. You search within yourself for everything that happens, and your inner motivation is to absorb and process.

Guidance from Gifuz

Work - East
You may find that life has a deeper meaning and purpose, and that by chance or coincidence, you have entered into a new opportunity that aligns with your goals and values. Everything falls into place, and you feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
Love - South
You are experiencing a time of connection and community, where you have the opportunity for positive growth in your relationships. You may find that opportunities for love and connection come easily and effortlessly during this time.
Economy - West
Unexpected sources of income may arise, providing you with financial stability and security. Even if you have doubts about the economy, you may find that it works in your favor, and that opportunities for financial growth and success are available to you.
Health - North
You feel a sense of physical well-being and balance, and are in control of your health and lifestyle choices. If you are not currently in a state of optimal health, taking proactive steps towards improving your well-being can lead to positive changes and a greater sense of balance and harmony in your life.
Spiritual - Void
In this present moment, you experience a sense of balance, harmony, and love, and may feel a connection to a larger cosmic consciousness. Embracing this spiritual connection can bring greater meaning and purpose to your life.
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