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If you pulled Hagalaz

With Hagalaz it's time to open up to see the delight in the changes that are now coming; it is time to let go of old thoughts and patterns.
If Hagalaz is hidden, you are afraid of losing control, fearful of losing everything you have built up, even if you know it is entirely wrong for you right now. In any case, you know what you have and risk it can be worse than experiencing something completely different.

Hagalaz carved

In this rune, you will find two Issaz, two individual forces bound together by one descending from one side and one rising from the other. Here there is a communication, an exchange of energies that are not steered in any direction except but stay within these two carvings of Issaz. It's about polarity. Two equal energies meet and reflect each other. Just as we all do when we have created an identity (in the previous runes) to shake everything in Thurisaz, it doesn't matter if you carve the middle carving up or down; it takes on the exact meaning anyway when it is locked between the two.

If youre drawn to Hagalaz

If you are drawn to Hagalaz, you are a person who enjoys change. You strive to shake up most things and find new approaches to most things. Your inner motivation is to cut ties and create freedom.

Guidance from Hagalaz

Work (East)
You have more going on than you can handle at the moment. Full speed ahead, an action that changes a lot in your planning, and it's now changed what you have thought of that is expressed.
Love (South)
You can now create new directions in relationships or create new ones. Dare to emphasize yourself and show who you are; step and show the real you.
Economy (West)
Review your finances so that you are not doing something that should have been released long ago. Release energy instead of locking it. More income is available if you dare to look around.
Health (North)
There are cleansings in the air, dare to demand time for yourself, any infections, and small things that should go up, out, and away.
Spiritual (Void)
Allow all thoughts to create new directions; see inner turbulence as an innovative force.
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