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If you pulled Ingaz

It's now that you must act with all your passion and see yourself as a creative being. Listen to your desire and inner drive, give yourself, create, and feel with your body, soul, and spirit to realize yourself.
If Ingaz is hidden, you may be afraid of your power, oppose yourself, don't want to feel or experience, and not if it is a feeling of desire.

Ingaz carved

When you encounter a counter pole like in Hagalaz, energy is created as with Ingaz. The passion rune shows the power of survival, an inner passion, creativity, and sexual power. It is created from four carvings. It cannot be a ring as it is not possible to carve in wood, but it has edges, four of them, and directed against all directions. It shows that the power of this rune goes in all directions, but it also indicates that it "turns the tags" outwards and protects the center (uterus). This is where passion is born.

If youre drawn to Ingaz

If you are drawn to Ingaz, you have a strong will and awareness of who you are and what you want to create. You act directly and are focused on what you want to create. Your inner drive is a passion for everything that can be experienced.

Guidance from Ingaz

Work - East
You do what suits you, listen to your impulses and inner drive—more freedom and action under one's conditions. You are driven from within yourself by doing things on your own, in the way you believe.
Love - South
Heat and impulsivity. You are 100% committed. It is desire, a passion that counts for you to feel whole from within yourself out to others.
Economy - West
High ambitions, you want everything! You put effort into realizing the investments that give you the most pleasure. You will find solutions for most things, both for yourself and others.
Health - North
You take control of yourself, research, giving it all. You have a tremendous sense of accomplishment.
Spiritual - Void
You are strong, impulsive in feeling all the time, giving everything, demanding everything. Then dare to show who you are.
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