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Issaz (Iss)

If you pulled Issaz

Issaz suggests that you should take it easy, pause, and just be. Don't focus on feeling or thinking too much, but rather act based on how you feel in each situation. You already have goals within you and know what is best for yourself. It's important to have confidence in what you have already created and let everything fall into place before taking action. By taking control of your experiences, you can value what is important to you and build a solid foundation.

Hidden may indicate that you are currently stuck and unwilling or afraid to see opportunities to move forward. Stagnation occurs because you haven't found balance and aren't receiving any response in your current situation. It may also suggest that you are afraid of your feelings and losing control.

Issaz carved

Either before or after the empty or full rune was created, it first began as a blank piece of wood into which a carving knife was used to create either a test hole or the very first rune. Issaz, the simplest rune, is represented by a single line from top to bottom and signifies stillness. It is a symbol that indicates the presence of something, but without any further action. An awareness is born from this symbol, and it just is, with no further meaning. Issaz is the only rune that consists of just one line.
Nordic folk magic suggests that the world was created by the properties of cold and heat, which are carried by ice. These two polar opposites are the essence of all things, much like Yin and Yang. Ice is essentially frozen water, and its physical form signifies its existence as it is.

If you're drawn to Issaz

If you are drawn to Issaz, it shows that you are patient, let everything have its time, know where you have yourself and your values. You have internal stability and stillness that allow you to create distance from things and people around you. You know your strengths. Your inner drive is about biding time, being in yourself.

Guidance from Issaz

Work - East
Be silent and do not resist change, even if it scares you. Life may be calling you to stop and reassess your capacity. Pay attention to what makes you afraid and explore it.
Love - South
Take a moment to rest and reflect on what truly brings you happiness. Don't settle for temporary solutions or relationships that don't fulfill you. Trust your instincts and wait for the right opportunity to engage with love.
Economy - West
You may feel like your assets are locked and you're not seeing things clearly. Try to shift your perspective and trust in the flow of life. When you allow yourself to be open to possibilities, things will start to work out.
Health - North
Your body or mind may be telling you that something is out of balance. Take the time to listen to yourself and be honest about what you need to restore harmony. Don't push yourself too hard or ignore your needs.
Spiritual - Void
You may be feeling afraid of exploring your spiritual side. Take some time to ask yourself why this is and seek out answers. Don't be afraid to delve deeper and discover what resonates with your soul.
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