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If you pulled HJaraz

Follow the rhythm of life, relax, and see what life has to offer from your previous actions. You still have everything under control, so sit back and study all the preparatory work you have fixed.
If Jaraz is hidden, you are afraid of responsibility, worry that you have not thought through everything all the way, feel a specific division, and are anxious.

Jaraz carved

The rhythm of life, the flow of what you sow it, you get to harvest. Here's another fire rune, pointing the other way, that is, what you give it out, you get back. The being is in the middle, where constant development is underway. The energies are in different directions to show that everything has two sides. What is created becomes something that is created back. The rune's shape is four carvings; create it, feel the shape from the right rune, from top to bottom, and then go the other way and down in the upper carving.

If youre drawn to Jaraz

If you are drawn to Jaraz, you see the whole of most things and want to create both balance and imbalance and find out what is best of both. You give, and you expect feedback. Your inner motivation is to question what is.

Guidance from Jaraz

Work - East
Your role in work will be the most important thing now. You now dare to invest and demand at the same time. You know what you want, what opportunities there are now, and what will be then.
Love - South
Here are the strong bonds, the fusion of genuine, the breaking up of that which does not belong together.
Economy - West
A faster inflow and outflow. You get what you are meant to have; you also get to give to others what is theirs—a good time to review investments and loans.
Health - North
You become more aware of how you work, your strength, and your weakness. Try to get a balance; think about your choices in life.
Spiritual - Void
You follow the game of life; let go of control, and let life guide you.
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