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Kenaz (Ken - The rune of fire)

If you pulled Kenaz

Wake up! Follow your inner desire. You have the power with to realize your ambitions.
If Kenaz is hidden you are afraid of your potential, afraid to act, and maybe fearful of your power.

Kenaz carved

The fire is said to be one of the first energies that humans learned to use. First, its creation in Issaz, then the feeling and presence in Lagu. The effect rune, Naudiz, creates a contradiction, showing that there is always a development to grasp the force, the inner fire. The energy is directed from the right (east) to the left (west), as all energy is emitted from the right and received from the left. In the east, the sun rises, and it is considered the most vital fire. The shape shows two carvings that meet to form a spearhead of direction.

If you're drawn to Kenaz

If you are drawn to Kenaz, it is essential for you to have commitment. You need to give everything all the time, continuously start different projects, and be at the center of the action. Your inner motivation is to create and realize.

Guidance from Kenaz

Work (East)
You have a strong drive and are goal-focused. You dare to invest and give everything, and you have everything to gain. You have all the resources you need to succeed, including ideas and focus.
Love (South)
Empathy and passion are important. Strong emotions may sometimes take precedence over reason. Giving your all can lead to getting everything. A more intense feeling takes over, and you may find yourself falling in love and surrendering to it.
Economy (West)
A strong flow of money from two directions directs the energy to get what you know you are worth. There may be rapid changes in your finances, and there may be some initial troubles, but things will be better in the long run.
You may feel warm and comfortable in your body, with more peace and energy. You feel more alive and present and may find it challenging to be still.
Spiritual (Void)
You feel an inner desire to affirm life in a new way. You gain more power and strength, becoming more focused and aware. Now, you dare to see yourself for who you are.
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