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Laguz (Lagu)

If you pulled Laguz

Live in the present moment and embrace your emotions. Dare to give and take, and allow yourself to flow with life and joy. You are currently experiencing a range of emotions, which can greatly enrich your life if you are open to going with the flow. You can attract more positive emotions, love, meaningful encounters, and experiences that create happiness into your life.

If Laguz is hidden, you may be afraid of the powerful influence that your emotions have on you. You might struggle with feeling indifferent or experiencing emotions that fluctuate between extremes. You may also fear your ability to empathize with others.

Laguz carved

After becoming aware of our thoughts and actions, we often feel a sense that there must be something more to be experienced. This feeling is represented by a carving that can be added to the original Issaz carving, depicting a line from the top down that stops halfway through the first carving. This symbolizes that the energy from the first carving still exists but needs to be further developed and brought down to start flowing. We feel the sense of what it is like and what there is, clarifying that there is indeed something more. The water rune represents the flow and development of what already exists. This symbol indicates that there is another side to the energy that exists.

If youre drawn to Laguz

If you are drawn to Laguz, you are in your emotions and experience, following the flow in all you participate in. Your inner motivation is to "go with the flow," and in it be in the experience.

Guidance from Laguz

Work (East)
Follow your feelings; what feels right will be correct, even if it seems impossible initially. There is a hidden possibility of taking the first step: joy, intensity, and festive events.
Love (South)
Happiness, joy, and harmony. Love falls into place; everything is arranged according to your feeling. A relationship that develops into more trust and community.
Economy (West)
It floats in the direction you need. Unexpected assets and higher turnover of money. More use and changes around everyday finances than recent significant decisions.
Health (North)
You are in good balance, feel better than in a long time, feel stable and forward-thinking.
Spiritual (Void)
You reach far into yourself with harmony and confidence. You listen more to your intuition and feeling than before.
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