You can increase your efforts, focus more on what needs to be done and make sure you get to grips with everything that would otherwise quickly end up on the sidelines. You can better plan everything you know you have to do but may not have the desire or energy for otherwise.

You may feel cramped, a little pressured, and experience that a structure is being created that you do not have control over. But by stopping and focusing on events instead of yourself, you can create a better foundation in your life.

You have extra energy to complete everything you have had so far as a goal; everything you have started can now be completed, giving you more benefits. You are more focused and aware of your power, using the experience you have with you to create the best structure in what is available to you.

You can now take turns a little more; you give yourself time to understand yourself even if you feel frustrated that everything does not feel 100% good, maybe because you have greater demands than yourself and others can give. You need to give yourself time to rest and focus on what you feel, not what others think. It is a time for reflection where a relationship feels best from just being the way it is.

23rd of  July-23rd of August

A party person likes to be the center, loving of kids and animals.
Element- Fire
Metall- Gold
Pos/neg- Positive
Sex- Masculine
Quality- Firm
Body part- Heart and back
Ruler Planet- Sun
Color- Yellow
Crystal- Ruby
Plant- Sunflower, Marigold.
Tarot card- XIX The Sun
Working life - Actor, surgeon, a legal expert. In the new age area- Psychodrama psychologist, entertainment. "Shaman."
Kind-hearted, creative, pleasure-loving, loyal, happy, open social.

Dare to take responsibility for yourself, be in the expression, and look for more. Leo is the charmer, the party maker, which makes things happen and is in the middle.

It is connected to childhood energy, playful energy, and a spontaneous way of being. You like to be the center of a community and the glamour of life and enjoy time with games and animals. It could be a journey to Africa or on a yacht. Money swishes around you; it's expensive to be on the top.

In love, Leo is flirty and like the bachelor that has problems deciding and always looking for a new romance.

As a person, you're heavy on expressions but also childish in between. You're more of a theater monkey, and depending on your response to you, it decides how much you express. You're happy, open, and in need of a lot of spare time for all the activities you want and need to do. And in that, you need to be in the center.

Subconsciousness you need it all to circle around you. You love to have company as long as you are in the eye of attention. You need to focus on yourself; without it, you get bored and have problems handling. You have a strong will and a conviction that you know that is the best.
You like to take up space, show the way, create something new but need to be the one that has the control. Even though you need to be in the middle, you also require your integrity to create different roles to melt in. You like to play your way through life, and you enjoy being around children and animals.

It's easy for you to have strong opinions and be convinced that they are the right. When you get an idea that it's all focused on that, you make all to make it come through because you know it all. Active power of will and playfulness is the best way to describe you.
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