You are in a quiet period where you can take it a little more calmly, find more of yourself, and give yourself time to enjoy life instead of constantly thinking about the next step. Give yourself time now to do what amuses you, what brings you harmony, no matter what it is. Trust yourself and let others do their thing.

This is a wonderful time for you to go through personal development, possibly through studies of some kind, but all for your growth. It is a time when you can de-stress and just be in the moment without feeling demands or pushing yourself too hard. Your health should be your main focus, and work is something that should only happen after what is absolutely necessary.

You may be taking work a little too seriously right now, so try to relax and feel for what you want. Enjoy what is instead of constantly chasing more jobs, more contacts, and more development that can wear you out more than it gives you opportunities.

It seems that you are in an exciting period emotionally, where you are thinking things through, making choices, and deciding what is important to you. This is where all your attention is focused, and you are giving yourself more time, more space, and daring to make higher demands than usual. You have direct communication and take it for granted.

23rd of September-21st of October

Ambiguous, in balance, and reflection.
Element- Air
Metal- Copper
Pos/neg- Positive
Sex- Masculine
Quality- Cardinal
Body Part- Kidneys
Ruler planet- Venus
Color- Pink, blue, green.
Crystal- Saphire
Plant- Hydrangea, apple tree, Ash.
Tarot card - XIV Temperance
Working life - Self-employed, fashion, beauty, politician, military. Within new age area - bodywork, tattoos, piercing.
Diplomatic, always in between, romantic, social, and idealist.

Dare to act, to get involved, to choose it all instead of nothing. Believe in yourself. The Libra is the diploma that ensures it seldom gets into any conflict or situation to make a choice. If, then it will choose it all or nothing. But there are difficulties in making decisions; some can be from the more profound sense and memories från earlier in life, the fear of losing.

But Libra is one of the most beautiful people to get involved with, doing their best to entertain and give support.

Journeys go to historical places or a tour around a city by bus. Money can be a problem or sooner if you're going to keep them or use them; when it comes to love, Libra has the patience to wait and does not want to take its time and have some significant demands on their partner.

Many people can see you as a person that needs distance, but it's only the times that you need to stop and think thru things. You seek balance and harmony, which can occupy much of your time pondering.

You do have humor and need your space. The saying that you don't know what you want is wrong. If you stand to choose between two things, that's only because you want both. You've learned that other people's patience isn't as high as yours. With that, someone else besides you will give up eventually and give you what you need.

You're looking for the perfect balance and can't stay out of conflicts of all kinds. You need to get two sides of it all. And it's the same with your communications; it also has to be in balance. All opinions should be taken forth and be heard about, and you will always find something to move onward.

You have your values that are your ground, and you are the one that knows what is right and wrong. 
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