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If you pulled Madrez

Become aware of who you are; now, you can see clearly and live with the knowledge. Stand up for your identity and your choices, take responsibility for who you are now, and aim to develop yourself with self-confidence continually.
You are probably afraid of your power if Madrez is hidden. Afraid to take responsibility, afraid to be alone, and an escape from realizing who you are and what your life goal is.

Madrez carved

Time to become aware that death is part of life in the rune before, Ehiz, now it's time to step out of a typical role with others, be individual, in it review your value. You're human. Here you will find the polarity with Issaz. But also that the energy of death is crossed, and those carvings together become close to an eternity eight as it can in straight lines. Here is fate, karma, and awareness of own responsibility.

If youre drawn to Madrez

If you are drawn to Madrez, you are very aware of yourself for better or for better or for better. Self-examination is essential, and you analyze down to the smallest detail to find the foundation and changes. Your inner driving force is questioning.

Guidance from Madrez

Work - East
You are looking for the right path through life right now. It is essential to stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions. It would be best if you took greater responsibility for yourself, dared to speak out, and grew with your commitment.
Love - South
You need to stop; make sure you love yourself first and foremost. Let go of the emotional demands you create concerning others and ensure you do something about yourself.
Economy - West
It will be essential for you to stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your investments. Possibly a significant investment is underway; you can do it if you are true to yourself.
Health - North
Get to know your body, do conscious physical exercises, liberate breathing, and take massages. Confirm your physical body - your temple.
Spiritual- Void
Who are you? See the whole; you have chosen an exterior that suits your soul. Free the ego.
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