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Naudiz (Naud)

If you pulled Naudiz

It shows that you are now facing a turning point; you can choose whether to be in touch with your consciousness, ready to experience and take action, or if you're stuck in the past. You have the opportunity to start fighting for what you truly desire. You have the chance to move forward and grow, but it's up to you to take action.

If Laguz is hidden, then your habits and uncertainties control your actions; you may hesitate in areas where you lack knowledge. It can be easy to give up and become a victim of circumstances.

Naudiz carved

What is, until something else is cross-grained. Here is Issaz, but crossed by another original staff. The energy that existed meets a contradiction, something that is not balanced; here, there is a turning point. One breakpoint, another similar energy to the first, is not expressed in the same way but indicates that there is something else to be expected. This form shows additional energy that breaks what already is; it affects.

If you're drawn to Naudiz

If you are drawn to Naud, you feel the urge to understand all that is and why it exists. You have a template of how you want everything to work and try to make the pieces fit. You are curious and investigative by nature, with an inner motivation to evaluate.

Guidance from Naudiz

Work - East
Things may happen outside of your control at work, and a work situation may not go as planned. You may also experience a period of unemployment. Overcoming some resistance or irritation may be necessary.
Love - South
It's time for you to focus on yourself and become self-aware before seeking validation from others. Difficulties in relationships may arise until you are honest with yourself.
Economy - West
You are entering a period of financial restraint, and it's time to review your assets. You may need to take a more responsible approach to correct any misjudged decisions.
Health - North
Your body may be telling you to slow down and focus on achieving balance between your body, mind, and spirit. Taking care of yourself is important, and you may benefit from a period of fasting.
Spiritual - Void
It's time to face yourself and spend time in meditation.
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