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If you pulled Pertraz

.Your security, your foundation, is here for you to take responsibility for your part in the spiral of life. You can now stop and create life according to your karma and goals.
If Pertraz is hidden, it shows you are afraid to take responsibility and realize your life.

Pertraz carved

It is said that runes were created in the early 100s when (St.) Peter was known as the name where God builds his rock. Everything is carved in stone (like the ten commandments). It's about you become who you create; you're your rock, you're chiseling out what has value for you. If you turn the rune to the right, you will see that it is a temple—the foundation on which you can build. You can also see Laguz turning a further carving outward; the feeling is safe. In that, you have the security of your value.

If youre drawn to Pertraz

If you are drawn to Pertraz, it shows that you are safe in yourself, aware of who you are and what your abilities are. You can find it easy to be by yourself, become more than focusing on what you want to realize, and have an inner struggle to search for balance for yourself and others. You have an internal drive to realize what you consider yours.

Guidance from Pertraz

Work - East
You let everything have its time; you are in peace. Possibly, it's time for time off to find peace in your inner self. Try to be with others in different projects to get a whole that gives you peace.
Love - South
You live in the feeling here and now and build your relationship with the outside world, yourself, and your partner.
Economy - West
The material has great significance for you now that there is a balance. You are looking for more assets to continue what you currently have.
Health - North
You are in contact with your physical body; know what it needs and what resources are available to redistribute some new physical activities.
Spiritual - Void
You become more dependent on the whole around you and more aware that you are only a part of something big - wholeness.
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