You thrive on social interactions, attracting people to you like a magnet. You enjoy being at the center of events and find joy in most of what you do. However, you may struggle with being alone and prefer to be a part of everything.

This is a great time for you to gather people around you for activities that suit your interests. You enjoy the attention and make sure that the focus is on you. You have a lot to share, and your optimism allows you to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

At times, you may feel stressed due to a lot of work to be done. You handle it well but may also tend to seek comfort and avoid the demands of the situation. Despite this, you manage to accomplish your tasks and take time to appreciate your personal growth and the growth of the community as a whole.

When it comes to romance, you are open and expectant but may find it difficult to stay in the feeling or live up to the demands of a relationship.

You spread the romance around you, but quickly move on to the next experience. In a committed relationship, you strive for growth, a stronger connection, and more shared experiences.

20th of February-20th of Marsch

Dreamy, romantic, and destructive.
Element - Water
Metal - Tin
Pos/neg - Negative
Sex - Feminine
Quality - Mutable
Body Part - Your Feet.
Ruler planet - Neptune
Color - blue, green, purple
Crystal - Amethyst
Plant - Chicory, Moss, al.
Tarot card - XII The Hanged Man
Working life- actor, musician, dancer, salesman. In new age area: dance therapist, releasing the song and dance, medium.
Imaginative, intense, compassionate, sympathetic, intuitive.

To believe in yourself, to dare to see the past, present, and future, and to be in the present. Pisces is the dreams, the artistry that thrives with life and motion and can quickly become bored and then come to internal conflict and become depressed.

You're a kind and trusting nature, sensitive and romantic.

Journey go to relaxing places, swimming, and sunbathing. And a little glamor.
Money is the answer to happiness, and freedom, and it helps to build out the closet. In love, the fish is romantic and with high ideals.

You are the romantic, the dreamer that lives in your romantic bubble. You are expressive and engaged in what gives you joy for what you do not yet have experience in. It can be dangerous or take down your romantic dreams about everything that gives pleasure.

You are expressive and engaged. You can be a drifter from time to time, always searching for something new that will make you happy. You are the one who dances through life and often sprains your toes just because you do not want to see the harsh truth.

Everything that has to do with rhythm fits you, like dancing, singing, music, and going into yourself and creating dreams. You express yourself just fine with any art. For many, you can come across as slightly inattentive and confused. But then they would know how much you have to keep track of, for you are a seeker, for the perfect, the ultimate, which brings good luck. Delicate, sensitive, and with a big heart.
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