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If you pulled Reidiz

You now have the chance to create your next step yourself. You have the will, the power, and the opportunity; it is up to you now; you have probably already started to act as if waiting is not your strong point.
If Reidiz is hidden, you are now in a phase where you waste more time on self-examination and finding excuses for not acting, bad self-esteem is created by experience, but you do not get away, but it is now that you need to act for to move on.

Reidiz carved

Now the adventures begin outside the individual—Issaz and then the energy down to go inwards as in Wynjaz and then directed outwards. I can; I do, I take in, I act. Increased awareness of Wynjaz can transform your inner joy by meeting the surroundings, by putting your place on the world map. The last carving creates focused power. Here are another four carvings for a rune.

If youre drawn to Reidiz

If you are drawn to Reidiz, freedom and your choices are the most important thing for you. It would help if you had limitlessness, be your own, go your own way, and create new opportunities. Your inner motivation is to pave the way for new challenges.  

Guidance from Reidiz

Work - East
Maybe it's the case that you become your own now or dare to make a more significant decision in your work identity. You find answers within yourself and dare to relax and feel freedom.
Love - South
You know what you want, and make sure you get it. Confident and motivated so you reach your goals.
Economy - West
Full speed, investment, and assets. New opportunities come as a result of what you have created.
Health - North
You have access to your whole being; you feel healthy and full of power. It can also show renewed strength.
Spiritual - Void
You are the answer to all your questions. You are in a period where you become aware of yourself and your possibilities. Your inner power comes forth by itself, so you only know what you want from within the soul.
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