Rune Magic

"From the prime staff to the void"
There is ancient magic with the energy from runes.
Each rune indicates energy, which can be an individual, a God, an animal, an event, life and death, possessions, fears and happiness, and much more.
25 runes that contain knowledge about different phases in life.
You can see your daily life, your past, and your future in these runes if you understand the energy of each rune. By understanding, interpreting, and working with the runes, you will be initiated into this ancient knowledge.
The text in this book is not after the futhark or uthark, it's from the author's own guiding knowledge from her rune guide about the creation of the runes from the beginning with Issaz to Voidiz (the empty or full rune.)
You will find the meaning of the rune sign, the connection with the elements, how to create magic with each rune, and what the rune shows in your life, and you can find guidance. Each rune is also interpreted to the different elements - fire, water, earth, air, and void.
You will also learn how to use the runes in rune magic; each rune is a frequency that can strengthen your needs for your whole.
The last part is Oka, that's the ancient Nordic name for Yoga; how to do oka with each rune to strengthen the energy.


Each rune is a power or energy form that constantly vibrates in and with you. If you lack one of the energies, it will create a pattern; if you have too much energy, it will also change your pattern. But if all were in the perfect vibration, you would have a boring life with routines; life is challenging to grow.
All runes act as protection as their energy contains that power it symbolizes. Each rune has its energy, which is hidden by its symbolism. Once you've found the power of each rune, you can use them for rune magic by reinforcing desires, motivations, and actions.
Another similarity in the runes' symbolism is that they also act as letters you can “type,” but each letter has a hidden symbolism. A hidden energy power that you strengthen by using the runes.
Using rune magic means understanding energy patterns and using them for your best development. It's similar to using positive affirmations, visions, or healing power.
Parable with other methods of prediction
There is also a parable with Tarot; among other things, it's almost about the same thing except for the magic part. The difference may well be that a rune can be perceived as more primitive, to the point, but at the same time harder to decipher; it's easier to create magic with a rune than with a Tarot card. With the Runes, you need to listen more to your inner voice, as the rune only shows a guide that it's this energy of power.
You can find each rune's response to a Tarot card for the Tarot deck's 22 cards from the Major Arcana. The runes for the elements all get one card instead of 4 cards, bringing all 25 runes equivalent to the 22 Tarot cards. The elements that fit together are - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and these four elements are in The Hermit's card, number nine. The Hermit is also the one who can control all the elements, and he knows when to use them as he is aware of their power.
You can also find the parable with colors from the chakras; the five elements of the runes connect with the energy fields in your body.
Numerology also fits with the runes, where you can use the Tarot numbers to compare. Add all numbers over nine together into a single number.
Astrologically you can also find feedback in; the see-through Tarot, which planets are valid for each number thus to each rune.
Knowledge of the all-knowing
We can say that runes are simple with deep symbolism. From the beginning, with great reverence, they carved runes with the knowledge of the elements, the Gods, and their powers.
You can make it harder or easier; as much knowledge as you like to retrieve from each rune. For every particular rune that gets selected, it's no coincidence. You pull one specific rune with subconscious knowledge of their power. Then you have to look at what you had in mind when you pulled that rune, nothing or anything special.
There are interpretations of runes, keywords, and meaning in this book. It's like any prophecy art, and it's merely up to you, the interpreter, but there is a basic archetypal symbolism.
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