The staff of Uhr

A seed of The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, fertilized by Odin, grew in an ice player until the day Uhr steps out to experience the energy of the 25 runes.
The three Norns, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, become his companions, also mothers to his three daughters.
Uhr experiences through the runes, the four elements 'power fire, water, earth, and air through experiences that become the individuals' personal and spiritual development.
Uhr meets his own shadow, travels to Asgard, creates Midgard. By his side are Lupus, Hugin, and Munin through the runes' experiences passion and magic, good and evil, love and death.
From the beginning, there was nothing, but nothing was even that which was everything, just not yet experienced. The word without language, all that can be created but at the same time ends.

Chapter Z

Nothing From the beginning, there was nothing, but nothing was even that which was everything, just not yet experienced. The Word without language, all that can be created but at the same time ends. It is now that everything is still; all that is it is. Imagine a place like our earth, where nothing seems to exist; the world had been destroyed in smoke called Ragnarok.
A flash of lightning in the form of a Z struck down, creating vibrations propagated over the earth's ground. The vibrations created greenery, earthy soil, mountains and valleys, deep blue water, and the sea. Areas stretched across the expanses as if there was never an end. In the midst of that, ashes remained, and a tree rose from the earth, The Tree, eternal life. It pushed upwards, branches spread out, leaves spread on them, they struggled upwards, outwards, downwards, the leaves rattled, the green foliage spread out its splendor.
Three bodies formed from the earth's clay at the bottom of the tree's roots; energy flowed down in each body. It flashed in red, green, and blue. The three women created from the soil took a step forward, freeing themselves from the ground. They raised their arms to the sky and pulled them down to their knees thrice in a gratefulness ritual. They were fulfilled, as The Word had spoken. The Word had also strengthened their magical powers; they just needed to think, be in the sense of thought to create whatever they wanted. They knew all that has been, what is, and what is to come.
Before this, the three women had been prominent witches in the previous life cycle. They had been promised they would re-emerge in a new form when the smoke destroyed everything. They were the ones who would form new life. The Word was their God, their master who was all or nothing, a consciousness of all, life, and death. The Word never appeared because The Word was all or nothing. The Word was everywhere, manifested through the spoken Word.
The three women, the Norns, came from the void, all that is or is not, from the black hole where everything was still. The Norns existed just as the legends had told in another time. The Norns were in their rhythm; they bid their time, proud to be the chosen ones. The Norns were Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, three beautiful, wise beings with enormous knowledge of everything in life.
They had been involved in life since the beginning of time; they had seen ages, lives come and go, and worlds that had been destroyed be built up. They were respected; they were the ancestors of the wise women of the future, also called witches.
They had their own story, but here in this new life story, they have significance for the new creation. It vibrated again in the cracked open ground, where sparkling stones appeared; they weighed a few kilos each. Those that shone in silver were hematite, and some were dark red garnets. But also rocks that looked like solid pieces of wood that were petrified trees. The Word said, "Put together a dwelling, create the opening to the east where the sun rises. Assemble petrified trees in a line in each direction, to the south, where the sun shines during the day. To the west, where the sun goes down, then north to face the night, and to the east for a new beginning. Create a dwelling higher than yourself; when you are ready, I will ask Anaraea to create protection against the sky.
The Norns looked at each other. Urd created a thought of the four lines by petrified trees. The rocks formed into squares as they floated towards the ground, a short distance from The Tree's roots. Urd created a line, left open to the east; she created four rows above each other, then sat down. Verdandi looked at the hematite’s, thinking how they made four rows above the petrified tree with her feelings. The hematite’s were shaped like petrified stones, laid on top in four rows. Verdandi smiled at Urd and looked at Skuld, who now, in her mind, put on the garnets that shaped like the other stones in three rows on top. They looked at their work, their new dwelling; the sun shone on the dwelling; it sparkled with silver and a red tone.
The Nornes stepped into their dwelling, the energies pulsed, enveloping them. The Word spoke; he called on Anaraea, the first spider in the new world. She was a fylgja who could also take the form of a female figure; now, she came crawling down the tree. Anaraea sat down in the opening, bid her time, then began to spin threads over their dwelling. They saw her crawl over the top of the stones with her first thread from east to west, then she crawled to the south and took the next jump to the north. Anaraera then jumped to the east and crawled to the middle; the Nornes understood how vital the crossing was to create the new. It was the symbol of the eternity eight, the promise of what's being created will flow, come back, start again, over, and over. Then she spun around and fastened the threads at each turn three times before jumping to the southeast, jumping to the center with a thread, attaching it, and jumping to the northwest. Anaraea crawled further to the northeast, took a leap to the middle with a thread, and fastened it to the southwest to spin further on the circles until she reached the dwelling's edges.
The Nornes knew there was a meaning to how she built her net over their dwelling. Anaraea had created protection over them with all the energy that existed. The Nornes put their hands together, palm to palm, bowed in reverence and gratitude to Anaraea, who crawled away up the tree again. The Word said, "Now fetch straws from the greenery next to this place, break off the top, save the bottom, from the straw you create a bed. Tomorrow it's time to create a well of the stones. It should be associated with the water below; from that well, you can get water for yourself and The Tree to keep it alive.
The Nornes went over the ground, found the straws, and called them home to their dwelling. They sat for a while, broke off the top, gathered everything in a pile, then each created a bed and lay down to rest.
One day came to an end. The sunlight found its way through the opening; it was a new day. The Nornes stepped out of their dwelling and tied up their long hair; they stood below The Tree. They heard The Word ask them to create a well; they saw how the ground gave way below rippled water. They called only the hematite stones to build a wall; it resembled their dwelling but was round and much smaller without covering for the above. A large branch fell from The Tree. The Word said. "Create cups." They did one cup each; now, they could fetch water from the well. They each filled their cups and walked around the tree to pour the water over the roots. The sun was at sunset; one day was over. They went to rest. It was a day like any other, the three Nornes, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, who lived in the dwelling, bid their time; they knew what they had been waiting for since the beginning of this time would soon happen.
The Word spoke to the Nornes; they were to fetch the most useful, the plant that was called flax. The Word showed them a meadow that every morning shone completely blue and then turned undulating green. There they would pull up the plants when the sun was in below. Gather a handful for each thread which would then be spun. A handful would be tied together with a few straws, then placed in three bundles against each other in a directed triangle up towards the sun, to stand for three nights and three days until dusk reigned again. They would then use their hackle and chop them together with a right-hand cord to bring out the force created by Z, the direction from the right.
Each thread was for a new life to show what would happen. They had also been tasked to build circles of thin branches from The Tree of Life to attach the threads. They built them as Anaraea creates nets; each thread had a story, and some threads crossed each other, making a pattern for the person the circle was designed for. The threads were created for all individuals to come; each had their own, with their being from then to the future.
The Norns were of age but so far only in the knowledge of what was. Their appearance was the same despite centuries that had passed. Besides their unique qualities was their beauty. The Word had explained that it was they who were meant to create the new individuals who had their place in the new life cycle that was now being formed.
The Norns came from different previous clans but of the same father, Dvalin; they possessed knowledge gathered from their memories. Urd's memory was to spin balance in threads, everything from misfortune to happiness, to create events that could affect the individuals to come. Verdandi's fate was to spin in the present, the consciousness, while Skuld was the one who could see what happened of all creation. Every thread was spun by them all, Urd started; her threads could be uneven when they were unhappy, and when they were by luck, they were neat. Verdandi took over the thread, gave it life and movement, and strengthened it for the individual it belonged to gain awareness of the thread's pattern. Ultimately, it was Skuld's turn to complete the thread with dreams of what could be created. Not many threads were spun, only three, one for the individuals they would create soon—those who meant to be the foundation of the new lineages.
The Nornes did not think about the threads' patterns; they knew the threads showed what needed to be developed to create wholeness. The Norns spun while waiting for the whole process to begin, just as The Word had spoken. When they were not spinning, they picked flax to twist to get material for new threads; everything was done in humming and rhythm. They were in the present with confidence but also with a sense of well-being over the mission to be the foundation of what would once be called man and woman.
They followed the rhythm of life; they were active in the light, resting in the dark. They talked; their knowledge was excellent, more extraordinary than anything. They knew what had been, what was now, what was to come. They knew all the words and the meaning but could not convey it other than through their conversations. They talked about the war, the evil that had ended all life in their world, while they had been spared to start over.
They spoke of the future; what was to come about their new life's role was great happiness for them. They did not talk about the present; it was there that they were in a real presence.

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