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The book "The Staff of Uhr" is included in the course, also with reflections for each chapter.

If you click on the runes below you can read more about each rune, one page for each rune.

Runes are a hidden form of energy that constantly vibrates within you, providing protection through their power. Each rune possesses its own energy, concealed by its symbolism. Once you discover the power of each rune, you can utilize them for rune magic to reinforce your desires, motivations, and actions.

Using rune magic involves understanding energy patterns and utilizing them for your benefit. It's similar to using positive affirmations, visualizations, or healing techniques.

Like Tarot, there is also a parable associated with runes. However, the main difference is the inclusion of magic. Runes may be perceived as more primitive due to their simplicity and deep symbolism.

With great reverence, runes were carved with knowledge of the elements, gods, and their powers from the beginning.


A Rune for Stillness
Represents everything that is still pending. Here is rest, the stagnation that comes because you have not acted in balance. You may be afraid of your own feelings and afraid of losing control.
Hidden, the Rune indicates that you are stuck, do not want to, or cannot move on.
If you have drawn this Rune, life stands still now. Do you need it, or do you need to accept yourself and the care you receive?


Here are your emotions, the flow of life, and your emotional intuition – the experiences, the emotional storms, the joy in everything creative, and growing – the life-giving.
However, the hidden meaning of this rune shows that you may not be in touch with your emotions and may have a fear of experiences and emotional demands.
If you have drawn this rune, it is time to live by your emotions. Dare to give and take, live in the flow of life, and experience joy. If you are in good balance, you will feel better than you have in a long time. You will feel stable and forward-thinking.


A Rune for Fate - Then, Now, and Future represents fate and the development that takes place - what must happen in life for you to move forward. It helps you create your own conditions and receive insights into the environment.
However, if the rune is hidden, it may indicate that you are afraid to let go and move on. If you have drawn this rune, you are now facing a turning point. You have the choice to either stay connected to your consciousness or not.


A rune for your balance represents karma. Here, there is an exchange: what you give, you get back - assets, harmony, and community. Hidden within this rune are the indications of losses and negative returns.
If you have drawn this rune, harmony and balance for a higher spiritual purpose are now a part of you. You can relax because you've got it all under control.


The rune shows a creative force that gives life and opportunities. There is light in life, something that takes off and provides enlightenment. It represents your inner fire and motivation to live and take hold of life.
However, the hidden meaning of the rune suggests that you may not be following your inner self. You may have forgotten to believe in yourself and your inner strength.
If you have drawn this rune, it is time to wake up and follow your inner desires. You have the power within you to realize your ambitions.


A rune for your courage - Trust represents your self-confidence and strength. It embodies your fighting power, inner will, and perseverance. Trust helps you always reach your goals, no matter how many setbacks you face, and boosts your self-esteem.
However, the rune also has a hidden meaning. When drawn in reverse, it symbolizes anger and a lack of will to achieve what you desire. It represents irritation and insecurity.
If you have drawn this rune, it means that you can do anything as long as you have confidence in yourself. Trust in your abilities, and you will succeed.


A rune for spirits, guides, and protection represents communication and insights. Here is the whole with all living things - the spiral of life. Conversing with your inner self and your surroundings, paying attention to what comes to you in life now.
When hidden, the rune shows malice, suggesting that you are not in contact with yourself and your life choices. If you have drawn this rune, seek spiritual contact with yourself and your dreams. Listen to what is happening in life now.


 A rune for wholeness represents connection and happiness. It embodies perfection and success in life, offering opportunities to achieve personal security and feel peace and harmony within oneself. However, when hidden, this rune may indicate obstacles that one may not wish to encounter, including a fear of moving forward and succeeding with their conditions.
If you have drawn this rune, it suggests that life is yours, and everything you desire is within reach.


A rune for your spirituality - Wisdom - represents your subconscious, your present moment awareness, and the superconscious or trinity as a spiritual balance. It symbolizes inner knowledge, contact with your innermost being, your higher self, or a spiritual guide.
However, if the rune is hidden, it can indicate delusion and despair. You may not want to acknowledge that there is a depth within you.
If you have drawn this rune, it suggests that you are unique, intuitive, loving, and in harmony with everything and everyone. You should strive to let your actions be guided by your heart, rather than by the influence of others.


A Rune for Yggdrasil - Tree of Life - experiences represents your growth as a whole with your soul. This shows a growing power within yourself to reach perfection. Hidden, the Rune indicates that you have lost faith in yourself, fear of daring to be, daring to live. You may have come to a standstill and need more time to be able to act in your current situation.
If you have drawn this Rune, are you in balance with yourself, see your own values, and listen to what is happening around you? What do you want to do next?


A rune for the power of the sun, with strong and life-giving energy that offers opportunities to live in love. It represents love, light, and life, and embodies spontaneity, joy, and the chance to achieve your desires. This positive life force makes most things possible.
However, when hidden, this rune can indicate loneliness and emptiness. One may feel lost in their emotions, isolate themselves, and not share their joy with others.
If you have drawn this rune, enjoy life and all its possibilities. The sun is shining on you, and even if there is rain behind, the colors of the rainbow will show you the way to happiness.

-Prime force

A rune for primordial power - Motivation, represents power and creation. Here is the beginning of the creative inner force. Perhaps you've been through the same thing before? You now have the opportunity to do it again with more knowledge and start a new beginning in life.
However, hidden within the rune is fear. It's hard to let go of what has been and get stuck in old thought patterns, limitations, and limited trust.
If you have drawn this rune, what you have released is just right. Now, new opportunities and expanded views are coming your way. See the abilities within yourself and bring them to use.


A rune for joy and happiness represents abundance and community. It means to give out of joy with a wish for prosperity to one's neighbor without expecting anything in return.
However, when hidden, this rune shows conflicts and despair. Living in the role of a martyr, not being able to voice your opinion, and lacking motivation to act.
If you have drawn this rune, enjoy life! All joy is for you now.


A Rune for Darkness - Chaos. It represents courage - daring to go your own way and fight for what you believe in. Here is the power that you often do not even dare to be aware of, yet it is necessary that you do not accumulate too many limitations. Something comes in like a storm, sweeping away the planned to reveal a new opportunity. It's up to you to see the sequel.
Hidden, the rune shows powerlessness and fear of change, of losing control.
If you have drawn this rune, is it now time to let go of what you no longer need? Life offers you new opportunities to grow. See the allure of starting over.


Represents Air - Change. It signifies everything that comes unexpectedly. The energy of thought combined with matter may not always arrive at the right pace.
Hidden, the rune shows that most things around you have no foundation. There is hopelessness and fear of the uncontrollable.
If you have drawn this rune, see the delight in the changes that are now coming. It's time to let go of old thoughts and patterns.


A Rune for Rhythm - Life Rhythm represents work, heart rate, and the principle of reaping what you sow. Here lie both the assets and expenses. It signifies the flow of life and the ability to navigate its twists and turns to get the best out of it. When hidden, the Rune indicates that you may be lost and not seeing the big picture.
If you have drawn this Rune, follow the rhythm of life, relax, and see what life has to offer based on your previous actions.


A rune for bodily love and sexuality. It represents your creative sexual power and energy, and embodies innovation and self-realization. This rune is an internal driving force that can lead to inner and outer satisfaction.
However, if hidden, the rune indicates self-annihilation, resulting from not listening to your innermost bodily needs.
If you have drawn this rune, act with all your might and see yourself as a creative being.


A rune for death or spiritual ecstasy represents the boundary between the earthly and the spiritual. It signifies inner peace, meditation, or transformation. When life comes to a conclusion, whether you like it or not, it's time to move on with the knowledge and lessons you've gained.
Hidden within the rune is a reluctance to see yourself and your role.
If you have drawn this rune, remember that you are here, with your body and your spirituality. Allow yourself to enjoy the balance and harmony of your life.


A rune for us humans, for the self, represents you in your growth as a person with earthly experiences. It symbolizes self-awareness and the understanding of your spiritual growth and purpose.
However, this rune also indicates hidden feelings of loneliness and reluctance to accept oneself.
If you have drawn this rune, it is time to become aware of who you truly are. Embrace this knowledge and use it to live a more fulfilling life.


A Rune for the Light - Dawn - Awakening represents your willingness to face the challenge, the unexpected. Here is the information: something new is needed. All restrictions must be broken. You should clearly review the situation and seize all opportunities to make a positive change and improvement.
Hidden, the Rune shows concern about new events. You may be blinded by all possibilities and confusion.
If you have drawn this Rune, the transformation in your life is here. Take in the knowledge and believe in yourself.


A rune for family and the nearest community represents your loved ones and your surroundings. Here is where community and harmony with yourself, your older and younger surroundings are found.
Hidden, the rune shows conflicts and breaks where you cannot find yourself and your role with others.

If you have drawn this rune, stop, take time with your loved ones, and enjoy your family and the company of good friends.


A rune for adventure - Experiences. It represents travel, events, and coincidences. Here are opportunities to act with your own power and with your own desire.
However, when hidden, the rune shows a lack of communication, both with yourself and with others.
If you have drawn this rune, you now have the opportunity to create your own next step.


Represents Earth - Harmony. The contact with your origin, your security. Here is also love, the unconditional, where you give, and feel joy in giving. Harmony with our surroundings.
Hidden, the rune shows on to delusion, emptiness, fear that you have lost your foundation, are lost in existence.
If you have drawn this rune - Look around and enjoy your surroundings; your balance, harmony, and community are important now.


 A rune for crystals - receptivity represents wholeness between all elements and beings. It is a symbol of contact with the spirit within you. To attain stillness, you must see the world around you.
When hidden, the rune represents fear of the unknown or unexplained.
If you have drawn this rune, it means that your security and foundation are available to you, and it is your responsibility to take part in the spiral of life.

-All or nothing-

The fifth element is the last and sometimes non-existent rune - the empty one. It is sometimes even seen as the full one, a rune that shows all possibilities. It shows that everything will be as it is meant to be, no matter what you want.
However, it also reveals limitations and that everything flows out of the rune, out of life. If there is something out of balance with the life path you have chosen at the moment, it will be revealed.
If you have drawn this rune, now anything can happen, and you have every opportunity to move on and take advantage of life's opportunities.
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