Now is the time for you to get started and act with all your might. Show what you stand for, say what you think, and trust yourself. You have the willpower and experience, but you may feel unsure of yourself. Now is the time to demonstrate your capabilities and do what you want.

You will meet more people than before and create new opportunities, venturing into new areas. You have an open attitude and are very aware of what you want to do and how to get others to cooperate and act with you on what is important. You rely on previous experiences, which can create opportunities but also conflicts within you.

Communication and introspection provide an opportunity to act. Focus on your projects, whether they are related to work, home, or your private life. Act now, take action, and show who you are and what you can do. You may feel impatient, even if everything seems to be in order. An inner pressure for more control and certainty about where to invest your energy can leave you divided, but once you make a decision, you will get more done than before.

Use your organizational skills now, as they may not always keep up with all your commitments. In love, you are more present, secure, responsive, and feel validated. This means that you both receive and give more. You are currently focused on personal development, and you give yourself time to reflect on what the next step should be.

23 November - 21 December

Philosophical, fair, animal (horse) o theater fan
Element: Fire
Metal: Tin
Pos/neg: Positive
Gender: Masculine
Quality: Variable
Body part: Hips, liver.
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Color: Violet
Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Carnations, chestnut, oak, thistle
Tarot card: XI Justice
Professional life
Lawyer, actor, playwright, writer, and politician. In the new age area: Divination, shamanism.
Honest and fair, optimistic, cheerful, forthright, intellectual.

To take a stand, evaluate, reconsider, and let go. Sagittarius is the philosopher, the actor, the one who sets great scenes in motion, and an excellent politician. You're constantly looking for new adventures and experiences but always have one foot in what has been to compare the experience. A bit wild and crazy, talks too spontaneously and, is impatient, needs changes. Trips go to foreign countries and exciting cultures. Money is something to be used. In love, Sagittarius can find it difficult to stop; it can miss something.

As a person, you are severe and philosophical; you seek truth and justice in everything. And does not give you until you have found a balance in it. You may also be interested in politics or culture. You want to know as much as possible, and your restlessness can travel quite a bit; you find answers everywhere. You are charged with energy, see your goal and go after it. Very outgoing, talk to everyone about everything, and language is no barrier to communication; you always find a solution to understand more. You struggle to create frameworks that are sustainable while also struggling to go outside the framework. Hard to be still and profound regardless of the subject, and it creates a fascination most of the time. You are good at directing but worse at taking responsibility, so that it can tie you down, and being locked into something or someone is a challenge for you. You are constantly curious and create new events all the time; you love change and can quickly become passionate about the experience.
Det du motstår det kvarstår
Livet är perfekt precis
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