You may experience a little more demands than what is; it is when you can feel inhibited, limited, impatient, and have to work with some fears.

You can put more effort into challenging, provoking that everything will not be apparent or decided according to the given templates. Impatience characterizes you the most, but if you would instead think about the extra power you can get to organize, grab what you otherwise avoid. It is a period of more seriousness; find the allure of daring to try new things that are about routine. Instead of getting annoyed, escape from what can give you a specific charter and see what it can lead.

You can feel extra energy; you have both previous and new insights and are ready to realize what you urge. You are more open-minded, more flexible, and dare to take on challenges to see what can become of them.

You have some reflection with you and confidence that you consider yourself able to handle the situation as it is with experience that gives you extra benefits.

You may enter a period where you may be confused about your feelings; you are not entirely in touch with your feelings. You may feel inhibited, limited, and restless, making it challenging to be present in a relationship; you may withdraw to think or be for yourself.

22nd of October- 22nd of November

Spiritual. Dramatic, deep, and seeking.
Element - Water
Metal - Steel
Pos/neg - Negative
Sex - Feminine
Quality - Firm
A body part- Genitals
Ruler planet - Pluto (Mars)
Color - Red
Crystal - Opal
Plant -: Aloe, Witch Hazel, Catnip.
Tarot card - XIII Death
Working life - Business life, scientist, analyzer, and mostly anything you can think about in the new age area.
Emotional energetic and passionate, intuitive, dramatic, sincere, and excited.

To go your way, research, questioning, test, seek. The Scorpio lives in his world, filled with drama and events, unexpected, and if they don't happen, the Scorpio makes them. Mystical, often dressed in black or something that will stand out.

There is a feeling of drama and passion at the same time. Journeys go to places that have more occult or the seven wonders. Money is something to us, and it can be thrilling to wait for new to come in. Scorpio often finds someone or something to support them. In loving its passion, hotness, and devotion or nothing at all.

As a Scorpio, it's no doubt that you're both intense and dramatic. But also deep and analyzing. You're what others call a seeker, and you seek extraordinary thrills. You like it when it happens things. Anytime a little drama hasn't hurt anybody or? And if not, you make sure there will be some drama to keep things going on.

You're fascinated by death, and all that doesn't belong to ordinary daily activities—the odder than more attractive. You create a drama of your passion, for your love in person. You may balance on the edge of all emotions all the time. You wish to find the answer on all in-universe and what you don't see with your eyes.

You have no plans to stagnate and always looking for more profound development. When you're the coolest on the outside, it happens a lot inside you, and when you create chaos, you have an inner calmness. You're the one that never gives up; you always reach the core. You can stand in the middle of chaos (that you created) and watch. You have a talent for the occult and for creating a reality of dreams.
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