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If you pulled Solaz

Enjoy life and all the possibilities. The sun is shining on you, so even with rain behind, the rainbow colors show you the way to happiness.
If Solaz is hidden, you may be afraid of being too much or too insecure about showing who you are, hiding yourself and your possibilities. But to what use? If you have this power with you, it shines through everything.

Solaz carved

It is similar to Eohez in its construction, but the two carvings go outwards and not inwards. With Eohez, you look inwards; with Solaz, the development takes place outwards. It's about spreading the strong power you have within you, giving yourself, which also makes you get back; think of all the sun worshippers.

If youre drawn to Solaz

If you are drawn to Solaz, you are an optimistic person who dares to go against the tide; you dare to be in your feeling and joy and do the best to spread the festive spirit. Your inner drive is your perseverance.

Guidance from Solaz

Work (East)
A time to be with yourself and your chores. What are your interests, and what is your desire in life? Dare to invest in what you want to do, develop your interests, and invest in yourself and your future.
Love (South)
Develop your spontaneity and empathy, invest in love, and allow yourself to be a part of it. Enjoy life, yourself, and love.
Economy (West)
An abundance of something is around you, possibly unexpected assets released—a period of flow.
Health (North)
It is an excellent time to be with yourself and Slive life in joy and with mischief.
Spiritual (Void)
A good time to bring out your inner child, enjoy freedom, and create space around you. Take out the turns, possibly through a cosmic dance.
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