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These are words from the Tarot that I live by - act now! Nothing in life is a coincidence but a perfect synchronization.
Maybe, or probably, since you're reading this, I can be the one guiding you through from basic till all the magical that is in a Tarot deck.
Act now, by starting a distance learning course, at your own pace. listen, read, see, ask and act to develop more of yourself. Interpreting the Tarot is not just divination but growing through personal development.
Get inspiration in your everyday life combined with your spiritual development by interpreting the cards. Most of the time, without knowledge, it can be that you browse through them a bit, place some cards sometimes but don't take the time to see both each little symbol and detail or the whole of it.
Why Should You Learn Tarot? Why are you reading this text? ;) Shows that you have some interest, grab it now, think of it as if you want to learn a new language, it will be a few words first, then some sentence finally a whole conversation.
Tarot cards have been with me since 1974, before that it was playing cards. My first deck was a Rider Waite, but my texts are built for the Tarot decks that have 78 cards. I have worked full-time with Tarot since 1989. To date, I have created 16 books on the subject as well as three decks and am working on the fourth.
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To learn Tarot

There are many myths surrounding the Tarot deck. No one knows for sure how old it is or where it came from. There are a variety of theories that it originates from China, India or Egypt. It is documented from 14th century France.
I have never thought it mattered much where the Tarot deck comes from, the main thing is that it works and it does. Tarot cards have been used since ancient times to predict the future. They can also be used to look back in time and to look at one's current situation with a focus on personal development and to meditate on.
I hope you will see your possibilities to see your own life with Tarot and choose to direct it for your own personality development without getting stuck in small details.
Tarot consisting of 78 cards (some only use the part called the Major Arcana which is 22 cards), everything you do with a Tarot deck is between you and your deck. Don't listen too much to others, there are too many restrictions and a lot of nonsense, like you can't buy your own deck or you have to have someone in the family who is psychic.
Believe in yourself and your interest, everyone can learn to interpret Tarot. You can also be beneficial to learn the reverse meaning of the cards from the beginning, then choose the one that best suits your own purposes. In that way, you have gained more knowledge about the card than if you just choose to have them face up and it can help if you feel a worse aspect.
When you make an interpretation, you lay out the cards and read each card individually but also as a wholeness. Much like deciphering a rebus. The laying out of the cards is called laying a star. You should choose your Tarot Deck according to your liking and taste, the one you like best to get the most out of the images that you will like to make it all more fun and interesting.
You should think about sorting your deck into number and suite sequence as well as the Major Arcana from the Fool to the World after each completed interpretation for someone.
The Tarot cards have a reference to Astrology, each card in the Major Arcana has a zodiac sign or planet at its disposal. Similarly with Kabbalah, which is an ancient knowledge, each card has a "word" from it that shows a symbolic interpretation.
The Major Arcana represents the soul, its trials and growing but also major life events and turning points. The Major Arcana contains all the elements in an even balance. Their name and number which can also be described as a development through life.
You can use many sources of knowledge such as Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology and pretty much any culture or way of life. Astrology is a big part of Tarot, for example we can describe the dressed cards of the zodiac signs:
Wands= Fire= Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Cups= Water= Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.
Coin: Earth = Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Sword= Air= Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Likewise, Numerology is an important and a big part if you choose it, which gives you a broader perspective of the cards and its consequences in combination with the development in life. Just remember that it is YOUR perception and your own interpretation that applies to each card, not what is written in any book, what you feel is right but that you must know the basic interpretation.
Feel free to sit quietly when you are going to lay the tarot, but also make sure that you are able to lay and interpret the cards with some kind of chaos around you, whether you are alone or not does not matter to the cards.
Please keep paper and pen handy for notes so you can remember better what comes up. Feel free to start by just drawing a card.
A card to see what's on right now.
A card for a special question.
For example, for your work situation or love. The economy or health.
It can be difficult to decipher everything that a card shows from the beginning, especially when you do not have the connection between each card and "imagination" or the knowledge to interpret each card for each situation. Keep in mind that some aspects can sound harsh when you draw such a card, such as Swords, which can be "cruel" at times. Consider what you asked, if it is for a short period then the aspect will be less. If you draw a "messy" card, draw another one to see what you can do about it.
I think there is a meaning you come into contact with the cards - A kind of communication where you can start to control your life, take control of your actions, however you cannot control the environment. Also remember not to draw cards for someone who is not present and asks for it. You don't want someone else pulling for you to see what you're doing. To those of you with a tendency to jealousy and who want to watch over your partner, think about if you interpret the cards wrong, because the cards always end up right. Rather draw a card or put a star on why you lose control of yourself and condescend to want to bet for someone not present. Look for answers to your jealousy instead and let the cards help you to a happier life.
Tarot cards come in many different versions, I have heard somewhere that there are over 1000 different decks. Most of the games resemble each other or have similarities. You can see that the foundation remains regardless of which artist painted it, because that is what separates them – the artist – . My texts and books are written for any deck, that is, the deck that you use to work with. However, I use Rider Waite as a base, which is, in my opinion, the best deck. It is important when choosing a deck that you choose a deck that you enjoy, one that appeals to you. The games have different color schemes, some are black and white, some are based on a special theme, for example. herbs or I Ching, cats, dragons, goddesses and so on and there are games that do not follow the original idea but change the names of cards.
The cards Justice and Strenght change places from deck to deck, they are either 8 or 11, so they change places with each other. It might also be worth a look, as you might feel that Strength should be card number 8 and it turns out to be number 11 in the deck you've chosen. For some it can be difficult to work with such a deck, if it is your first deck and you don't know much about Tarot it doesn't matter much, but predominantly decks have Strength as number 8 and Justice as number 11.
One difference that might be worth checking out before you decide is that some decks don't have events on cards 1-10 of the Minor Arcana, just symbols. The advantages are that you learn to fantasize more, to search for meditative images within yourself, however the disadvantages can be greater. Imagination is not our strong point in today's society, and then it can be an advantage to start with a game that has events and based on that to move on instead of losing the desire because you don't get guidance from the card
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