Tarot Minor Arcana


Wands symbolize creativity, activity, inner fire, work of all kinds, creation, building, and talents. With the Wands are working situations, you give out your force from within, the power you use to create. Wands show quick actions, enthusiasm, intensity, opportunities, action, work, creating power, motivation, dominance, and energy. All this is collected in the word WORK, which is the attribute of the Wands. Here you have what you give out and what comes from inside yourself and that you have the urge to act.

Drawing a card from the Wands shows that it's all about acting and effort. If the card is reversed, it's imbalanced; look at the card before in the suit; what have you done but not completed.

Ace of Wands - Creativity
Indicate a new project of work, A new start, a stronger force from within. It's about acting.
It's an imbalance, and you can't use or find your power. Lost your motivation can be worn-out and feeling lazy.

2 of Wands - Ambition
Indicate a stable basis and a promising continuation. Probably some extra advantage comes your way since you give more of yourself.
Indicate bad planning; you don't have the stamina to go through with what has started.

3 of Wands - Impulse
Indicate that you get a lot of unexpected things, and new possibilities. Well pleased, but you also create more advantages.
Indicate that you have a hard time finding new directions, certain insecurity over your capacity, and not responding to what you want to accomplish.

4 of Wands - Harmony
Indicate in a project that succeeded, a community that works out. Contentedness and luck in what you do, things fall into places as you wish, a safer response.
Indicate that it's difficult for you to share, afraid of failure.

5 of Wands - Conflict
Indicate frustration, insecurity, irritation, and even stress at work. Powerlessness that you can't control, or a strong feeling that can create insecurity.
Indicate that you let go of insecurity and will find solutions to conflicts.

6 of Wands - Success
Indicate that it's big happiness in a successful project, probably a trip for work, and it can also be more advantageous and new possibilities.
Please indicate that you have to put down more energy not to lose it all. You're imbalanced, meet resistance and critics, and are on the wrong track.

7 of Wands - Will
Indicate that you have to choose from inside how you want your situation to be; you're goal-oriented and stubborn, sure about your commitments, and create new possibilities.
Indicate that you have a hard time moving on, meet some resistance, and have a hard time focusing on what is important.

8 of Wands - Communication
Indicate messages and offerings that give more possibilities and more advantages.
Indicate a bad message, easy to get stuck in old habits, insecurity.

9 of Wands - Focus
Indicate in extra possibilities, probably in work that gives a good allotment and security.
Indicate that you have to look one more time at what has been and change, improve, and try again.

10 of Wands - Experience
Indicate in a more secure position and full allotment of your projects. Satisfied.
Indicate hard work and no gain, certain insecurity, and disbelief from others.

Page of Wands - Swiftness
Indicate on messages. You get even more possibilities. And it's easier for you to take action by yourself.
Indicate bad news; you miss some events depending on your insecurity.

Knight of Wands -Change
Indicate quick events regarding work and living—more action.
Indicate that something can postpone, and things don't get as planned.

Queen of Wands - Determination
Indicate responsibility and further development and also collaboration and a powerful will.
Indicate stagnation and, irritation, minor chaos in your planning.

King of Wands- Contract
Indicate deals and contracts with a working connection, which is important for you personally, important meetings, and deals that realize.
Indicate that it will be concerned with the work, a contract, or a deal that will not be done as promised. 


Pentacles symbolize material, security, finance, education, and the balance between inner and outer elements. In the Pentacles are the balance of wholeness and rootedness and growing. Here is the economical standard and expands, which control your ground and safety. There are stability and an increase in these cards. You want an allotment on what you invested. To have more to make more. All these energies are under the name of FINANCE, which is the Pentacles keyword.

If you draw a card from the Pentacles, it shows that it is about growth. If you draw the card reversed, then it's an imbalance. Look then at the card before in the suit; if it's 3 of Pentacles reversed, look what cleared in 2 of Pentacles and why you're in the middle of them.

Ace of Pentacles: Ground
Indicates a new, more stable ground and better finances.
Indicates a loss of safety or something financially.

2 of Pentacles: Balance
Indicates a better balance of your security and more balanced values with what you got. You seek balance depending on your lack of secureness.
It indicates that you have lost something, and maybe your debts will be bigger than expected or unexpected.

3 of Pentacles: News
This indicates that new things will reside, probably a winning or minor education.
It indicates that you will lose the expected, maybe loose, and advantage.

4 of Pentacles: Order
It indicates that its stability in materials, structure, safety, and limits are created in fear of losing something.
Indicates difficulties in getting balance and control at home or on the material.

5 of Pentacles: Poverty
Indicates problems to keep material things and loss of money or position—savings from limited resources.
Indicates relief in materials and finances.

6 of Pentacles - Education
Indicates journeys for education, financial, and increased flexibility that gives new possibilities.
Indicates that you have difficulties in taking responsibility for your finances.

7 of Pentacles - Planning
Indicates that you stand in front of choices of finances. Making plans for investments.
Indicates that you have problems with investments and even creating a structure in your life.

8 of Pentacles - Interest
Indicates that you use your skills and have amazing talents in what you wish to fulfill. You can also be in new areas of education.
Indicates that you have difficulties making plans in the right direction.

9 of Pentacles - Gifts
Indicates gifts, happy surprises, and unexpected money.
Indicates undeserved money, theft, and that money that can be a delayed.

10 of Pentacles - Security
Indicates that you have security in materials and money, a more safe position.
Indicates greed even if richness exists. Money issue with family.

Page of Pentacles: Contribution
Indicates messages that money is on its way or a new structure that you can increase.
Indicates on disadvantage in messages about money.

Knight of Pentacles: Handyman
It indicates that a deal is about finances. The money will come, more than expected.
Indicates that expected money will fail to come—problems with structure and planning.

Queen of Pentacles: Serenity
Indicates a healthy community, order, and clarity. Promises will be fulfilled.
It indicates that you don't have any order; the chaos creates more worries.

King of Pentacles: Decision
It indicates an increase in richness, security, and harmony with what is.
Indicates less authority in something planned and that you lose control of earlier plans.


There are 16 cards in the Minor Arcana called The People - The Dressed Cards - The Representatives.

There are 4 personalities in each suite - Page, Knights, Queen & King.

A child up to 15 years of age.
Your inner child

A teenager.
Your inner teenager.

A woman/feminine aspect
Your inner woman
Conversations and meetings

A man/masculine aspect
Your inner man
Decisions and agreements.


Cups symbolize your daily emotions, love, and joy—hope and faith, but also disappointments. In the Cups, there is harmony, togetherness, humble feelings, and jealousy. The flow of emotions is both bad and good. It's all that you experience inside of you. You want feelings to develop, become togetherness, and flow into a harmonious situation. All of these energies go under the name LOVE, which is the Cup's characteristic.
If you draw a card of the Cups, it will show emotions and love. If the card is reversed, it's imbalanced; look then at the card before, in the same suit; that is what's being done and is key to this reversed energy.

Ace of Cups - Love
Indicate a new period of positive emotions, maybe even a new love—a newborn or something that affects you strongly.
Indicate that you lose something emotionally; you can feel alone and unhappy.

2 of Cups - Togetherness
Indicate a new beginning of a relationship. Harmony and joy. Togetherness.
Indicate that a relationship can be in trouble or a break-up. Fights and misunderstandings.

3 of Cups - Love Crush
Indicate in a happy celebration or big happiness and joy together. Crush.
Indicate that you have difficulties in controlling your emotions, disappointments.

4 of Cups - Awaiting
Indicate that you can be lazy and not take serious on feelings or are experience insecureness from a state of mind.
Indicate that you feel sorry for yourself and have problems to show feelings.

5 of Cups - Loneliness
Indicate that you feel lonely and abounded, disappointed, or having a hard time to choose between two persons, is alone and lost with yourself.
Indicate in troubles from an unexpected distance; you don't have the urge to get involved with somebody else, not even with yourself.

6 of Cups - Happiness
Indicate that you're in harmony, experience happiness together with others, probably family and old friends.
Indicate that you have conflicts with yourself. And probably affected by your childhood.

7 of Cups - Distrust
Indicate an emotional choice that is important. Something or someone needs to be left away.
indicate that you have a fear of moving on, feeling lost.

8 of Cups - Confirmation
Indicate a turning point emotionally. It would help if you had more and seek more, and you may get it, but not in the way you wished for it to be.
indicate that you're afraid of being left alone, hide your feelings, turn others out of your life.

9 of Cups - Trust
Indicate that you're safe with yourself and love yourself for who you. You experience inner joy.
indicate that you fool yourself and maybe even others emotionally.

10 of Cups - Harmony
Indicate of happy family life, great love and happiness, and a healthy togetherness.
indicate on a fuss with your nearest or in the family; you can feel stuck.

Page of Cups - Joy
Indicate on happy events; you get a lot with love and consideration.
Indicate that you experience something that makes you sad emotional; you don't dare to have trust.

Knight of Cups -Flirtation
Indicate on loving proposals and events - passion.
Indicate that somebody hurt you emotionally or that you will be deceived to fool yourself when it comes to an emotional experience.

Queen of Cups - Lust
Indicate in consideration, dreams, and a strong desire to belong.
Indicate on false affection, betray, and discontent.

King of Cups - Sociable
Indicate a safe and sound community, joy, harmony, and happiness.
Indicate in a relationship that's not safe and is false that may be run by routine.


Swords symbolizes the mental conflicts within the person but also with others. Events and happenings. Development. From thought to action. In the Swords are the events, all that mix-up and create our reality, our common life for good and bad. There is a mental force in these cards; you want things to move on, change, and grow—all of these energies under the name - HEALTH. And often also the word OCCURRENCE that is the Swords keywords.
If you draw a card from the Swords, it shows that something is on the move.
If you draw it reversed, then it's imbalanced, and showed on challenges, try to pull another card to get a clue how to solve it.

Ace of Swords - Actuate
Indicate on a new start on all levels: strong forces and a firm conviction.
No stamina. Resistance and bigger disappointments.

2 of Swords- Relief
Indicate that you solve troubles and problems and take the time to relax.
Indicate on troubles that have been solved in the wrong way, whitewash, and insecurity.

3 of Swords - Conflict
Indicate on conflicts with yourself and also with others. Probably a break-up or divorce. Loss.
Indicate on doubts, imbalance: a more prominent loss and grief.

4 of Swords - Tiredness
Indicate that it's time to rest, sickness. Stillness.
Indicate that you have difficulties in looking further, probably a long time illness.

5 of Swords - Stress
Indicate on cowardliness and failure: stress and worry, panic.
Indicate for short relief; you won't see the troubles; close your eyes to reality.

6 of Swords - Freedom
Indicate relief and freedom—time for travel and new adventures.
Indicate worries. Maybe journeys will be canceled or delayed.

7 of Swords -Choice
Indicate on change of home and job. Own choices need to be made—short journeys.
Indicate that you have problems moving on. Delay with journeys.

8 of Swords - Limit
Indicate that you feel left beside, sad, and alone. Lost with yourself. Performance anxiety and lousy consciousness.
Slip away from responsibility. You can't see your part in wholeness. Short relief and avoid seeing demands.

9 of Swords - Angst
Indicate anxiety, nightmares, and worrying. Depression.
Indicate small accidents and involuntary loneliness.

10 of Swords - Despair
Indicate small accidents, despair, and losses. Tired and worn out. Empty.
Indicate a violent change or emptiness.

Page of Swords - Intense
Indicate a message that will create change and new possibilities.
Indicate that your plans will not be problems with health.

Knight of Swords - Turmoil
Indicate many incidents of good and bad, and all the time, there is no rest between.
Indicate fuss and disappointments through unexpected events—worry and accidents, uncontrolled events that will shake you up.

Queen of Swords - Awareness
Indicate with a clear mind and new solutions: planning and strong motivation.
Indicate conflicts, gossip, and false rumors.

King of Swords - Agreement
Indicate a contract that has to do with law or official documents. Deals. New security.
Indicate a deal that more destroys than gives an advantage or that will not be as promised. 

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