Tarot 78 Keys

Text from The Fool

0/XXII The Fool
The child, the soul, and the spirit are the first step into life, into an event that affects you mentally. This card carries spontaneity, empathy, the first awkward levels, impulsivity, joy, and tremendous confidence.
The Fool has all the energies from all the cards in minor Arcana, the happy events of everyday life, and all the resistance. The card shows that you are embarking on new adventures. You dare; you act without evaluating first. Here is tremendous trust in life and your surroundings. The card also shows that you have no preconceived meaning to build on what you have. When you get this card, you are now having fun, life playing, being in, and daring to live your life. You act as you know at the moment and listen to your inner feelings.
If you pull the card in reverse, you are acting out crazy. You know that your actions will not go well. You do what others think, not what you want. When you get this card on a question, it shows that now there are all the possibilities with you. Dare more, take out the turns, and enjoy life. Reversed, you should try to sense yourself, stop, and think through the matter. Your choice may not be as wise, perhaps not purely what you want.

This card shows spontaneity. When you are happy, dare to be yourself, dare a little more, and want more joy and unexpected events. You feel the need to try new things, and the desire is stronger than the sense of responsibility. You may have a hard time with everything serious all around. You want to live here and now—lack of responsibility. You have begun too much. You have no desire to complete what has started—trying to ignore what you promised. Hard to say no.

You have a chance to try something new. You are throwing yourself into a project without a natural smattering of what is going on. But you work it out most thanks to your quick perception, your art of duping people. You take on too much work. You failed to finish on time what you promised.

It somehow works out. Sometimes you can get "carried away" a little too fast, but still for functional purposes. You don't see your responsibility, blaming others if it goes too bad.

Senseless feelings. Joy, spontaneity. Unreasonable expectations, you don’t want to see reality as it is. You live by or with your dreams. Health You're affected by "ecstasy," feeling well, enjoying life. You’re happy within yourself. You worry and feel distressed. Experience impossible demands, which means you lose the desire to care for yourself.

You have a solid inner joy with hopes and love for your surroundings. You nurture everything alive. You want everyone to feel pleasure without demands. "You don't see the forest for all the trees." You don't see what is or isn’t. You probably feel alone, abandoned.
The purpose of this book is that you should be able to pull a Tarot card for a question and get an answer right away.
You can ask your questions for different categories such as work, finance, love, health, and spirituality.
But also the basic meaning of all 78 cards is included in the book. You can also use the book to get more answers from the cards to any spread or pull a card to see what's going on right now.
This book is excellent for you who have a Tarot deck if you want an answer or for those who wish to see the cards from new perspectives.
No Spread; instead, direct guidance from each card.

Text from the book

When you pull a card to read the interpretation, concentrate on the headline closest to your question, such as health. Remember, it is no coincidence that this card comes up. Fit the text to your situation and look forward to the whole meaning of the card for more guidance.
If the card is reversed, it indicates that there is not enough of the energy it contains. But a hint of those events is an interpretation of each card in each reverse position. Each reverse meaning in the book is written in italics.

 Is this card's primary energy bringing what you might call the original interpretation?
Work shows what the cards mean to you when you ask about a work situation. Wands are most potent for working; they show the power you give out; here, the situation is characterized by work.
The Cups shows a lot of emotion and intense activity on the issue.
Pentacles indicate that you are looking for a basis to act from.
Swords that you want something to happen; get started.
Major Arcana shows a strong direction and willingness from the soul to work on a task.
Finance shows what the card means if you ask for money.
Pentacles are most vital with their primary power and potential for growth.
Swords show action, expression, and statute.
Wands show that you must work a little before you receive a dividend.
Cups show that the home and emotions have meaning in an economic situation.
 The Major Arcana indicates stability within yourself that can now be expressed (except for The Hanged Man)
Love shows what the card means when you ask for love. Cups are most vital with their love power.
Pentacles indicate that you are looking for a foundation, a community.
Swords show development, resistance, and opportunities.
Wands also have a strong power for love but are more intense; they also show your energy in a relationship.
Major Arcana shows a strong deep feeling from within.
Health shows what the card means if you ask about your health. Swords indicate that there is a lot you think of over and over again, but you also want speed, and events to take place quickly.
Wands show a strong will and desire.
Cups show that the emotions are dominant, that you wish for experiences.
Pentacles indicate searching for a reason or purpose to act from.
Major Arcana shows what the next step with the self is.
Spirituality shows what the card will mean if you ask about your spiritual development. The Major Arcana shows the inner picture, the growth.
Wands indicate an internal fire that drives you.
Cups indicate a flow in life.
Pentacles show a foundation to develop from.
Swords on mental development. There are partly the aspects mentioned above for each card to give you an overall picture.
To learn how to extract the different aspects from each element. To begin with, you have a page about the primary meaning and the symbolism of the card.
Feel free to enter your reflections and interpretations in the space on each card's side.
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