Tarot card by card

Co-create your Tarot Book. Maybe this will be the best book to learn the 78 cards of a Tarot deck or get more insights if you already read Tarot. With this book, you can quickly learn Tarot, create your texts for questions, draw or write on a template for each card.
Take one card at a time, read the basics, then print down your experiences. A short, simple text for each card and a word combination for each element (suites) property of each card.
Each card has a keyword;
Ace of Wands - Inspiration
Work - Powerful inspiration
Love -Emotional inspiration
Finance - Structured inspiration
Health - Motivated inspiration
And also reflections to each card for you to answer for yourself
What kind of actions did you work with when you started you
r ongoing project or the one before?
When was the last time you listened to a creative idea?
What does a new job mean to you?
What happens if you don't realize
 something that you have as an inner fire?
The order the cards follow is for you to learn better, to see connections. It's like a story from The Fool to 10 of Swords.
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