Tarot the law of attraction

How do you create the best energy flow for your dreams to come true?
Affirmations? The law of attraction? How can you combine your thoughts, feelings, and actions in unity with your soul?
This is the book that gives you advice through a Tarot card in combination with the law of attraction. Pull one card and get guidance as each card conveys the importance of work, finances, health, love, and spiritual development.
Each card has an affirmation to help you focus on the energy lesson to create more of your potential. You also have questions for each card that you can ask yourself to be aware of your patterns and possibilities.
The book guides you on why that specific card shows up now and what affirmation you can use to balance the energies.
The first part of the book consists of text about the law of attraction:
The Law of Attraction
No coincidence comes alone
The five areas
An affirmation
Important thoughts
Everything in life is important
There is no coincidence
The second part consists of the text of all the 78 cards

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