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If you pulled Thurisaz

Now is the time to let go of what you no longer need; life offers you new opportunities to grow. See the allure of having to start over.
If Thurisaz is hidden, you would instead hold on to what is not favorable for you, somewhat unfavorable, and that you know it exists, then risk starting over, losing your footing.

Thurisaz carved

According to legend, the giant Ymer is slain; out of his body is all that becomes the material we have to create. This rune is opinionated, questioning, and of course, after all the insights, everything has to be shaken up. The rune has Issaz, but then the two carvings, just like Wynjaz, form a triangle. But a small one that has its area to preserve and circulate in. The energy is more directed away from this rune, not intensely personal but more on.

If youre drawn to Thurisaz

If you are drawn to Thurisaz, you are dramatic for better or worse. You enjoy being in the middle of chaotic situations where you get to act quickly and take risks. Your inner drive is transformation.

Guidance from Thurisaz

Work - East
It is time to believe in yourself and dare to stand out and go your own way. Stop and be aware of what you really want to do and do it.
Love - South
You will probably need to see the truth in the white eye; what do you want when it comes to love? Emotional storms and changes, questions about relationships. Something hidden is revealed.
Economy - West
You can feel resistance and thoughts around money and investments. Take it easy and do not act now but wait until it feels good, a period of deliberation.
Health - North
A period of rest and waiting, take it easy, do not force, and let the body rest.
Spiritual - Void
Meditate and dare to gain insight, release blockages and worries, let go of demands and musts.
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