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Tyraz (Tyr - The warrior rune)

If you pulled Tyraz

Now, you need to implement, have confidence in yourself, be aware, be focused, and not give up until you have reached your goals. You have every opportunity to achieve everything as long as you want.
If fear is holding you back, it may be because you are afraid of your own power or have been controlled by previous events that affect your self-judgment. Don't hesitate to become stronger and more certain.

Tyraz carved

The rune is named after the god of war, Tyr, from the Asa myth. Another symbol of Tyr is the pole star, which is the star that stands still in zenith above the North Pole and is seen as a royal symbol, among other things. This rune is shaped by the root of Isa and two carvings shaped like an arrow, and with this rune, you are targeted. It's about the inner warrior force, the survival force, and the knowledge of who you are (really worth something). Here, the energy is directed upwards to the north, perhaps to show the pole star as a guide to look up and put yourself in higher focus.

If you're drawn to Tyraz

If you are drawn to Tyraz, you are powerful, determined, confident, and never give up. You find a path regardless; at worst, you create a new one. But nothing stops you; the focus is your inner drive.

Guidance from Tyraz

Work - East
An enormous force within you drives you towards your goals. You persistently act independently and with determination - your willpower is formidable. You have ample opportunities to accomplish your objectives and manifest your intentions.
Love - South
Your emotions are intense and passionate, and you pursue what you desire impulsively and directly. You act quickly and decisively.
Economy - West
If you take the time to reflect on your finances, you will realize what is truly important to you. The rest becomes trivial in comparison.
Health - North
You possess remarkable perseverance, and you can turn obstacles to your advantage. You have the strength and resilience to overcome any challenges that come your way.
Spiritual - Void
You follow your instincts and feelings without overthinking. You live in the present moment and trust your intuition to guide you.
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