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If you pulled Uhruz

Uhruz shows that everything you have released is just right; now come new opportunities and expanded views. It is now up to you to see your ability and make sure you act. There is a primordial force with you; what you now grasp will also be created, then it is up to you what you make of it in a sequel.
If Uhruz is hidden, it is about not taking responsibility or seeing your power. You run away, go to the side instead of creating what is essential, and doubt yourself to grow more robust.

Uhruz carved

The rune for the strongest primordial power. The inner motivation that drives all individuals individually forward, towards creation, a survival force. The shape is Issaz but then comes two carvings one after another, three steps, one at a time, to realize the whole. The force is stable, then down from the top side along down, and then there, a line halfway to the ground.

If youre drawn to Uhruz

If you are drawn to Uhruz, it shows that you are active, committed, impulsive, influential, and continually running with new projects and ideas. You have a drive that manifests itself to the outside with action, security, and a strong will.  

Guidance from Uhruz

Work - East
You start with many things, ideas, considerable focus, and power. You stand for your decisions and are motivated, determined, and stubborn. You are confident and ready for your next steps.
Love - South
You are in the feeling with solid empathy and passion. You dare more and are direct and acting. You know what you want; make sure you get it.
Economy - West
You have assets with you; know what to do with them. Suitable investments, enormous primary conditions.
Health - North
You can do everything you want and have a substantial essential capacity and a good starting position. Your body is in good shape.
Spiritual - Void
Dare to express your urging; you are one with vitality, will, and motivation. Your inner power finds an anchor in outer life.
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