You enjoy life to the fullest and experience security, order, and stability. Everything works exactly as you wish, and you find it easy to get involved in most things. You are more interested in creating new conditions and more contacts to continue developing everything as you plan.

You can now make everything work better. You are organized and take the time to familiarize yourself with what is important. You leave nothing to chance and make sure everything is in order for everyone who may be involved.

You take a little more responsibility, but you enjoy organizing things that you feel are out of balance. With that conscious, wise, and responsible approach, you create a development that will benefit you in the future.

You can be a bit complicated right now when it comes to your feelings. You want to enjoy, be close to, and be in a romance, but at the same time, you need to be yourself and feel what you long for. But the longing for romance certainly has a strong hold on you, and you indulge in experiences even if it involves some self-examination.

You can lean back on your experience and your ability to take advantage of all that you want to develop, especially in this period when it comes to work and your development of yourself.

24th of August-22nd of September

Clean, proper, aware of health and precisely.
Element - Earth
Metal - Nickel
Pos/neg - Negative
Sex - Feminine
Quality - Changeable
Body part - Stomach, intestine
Ruler planet - Mercury
Color - Dark blue, brown, green.
Crystal - Onyx
Plant- Buttercup, myrtle, marjoram.
Tarot card - XX Judgement.
Working life
Secretary. A cleaning lady, health worker, writer. Within new age area - Health healer, The Rose method.
Shy, honest, faithful, dependable, practical, and firm. Controlling and intelligent.

To walk your path, believe in your ideas, and see the negative but keep too optimistic. Virgo is the proper, systematic one that has control and needs a lot of it. Unfortunately got the rumor of being a pedant, but it has many good parts, deep in the mind, honest, reliable, stubborn, and goal-oriented.

May worry a lot and often without no reason, have a broad sense of responsibility, is a genuine idealist that is faithful to partner and friends as long as they stay beside the Virgo.
Journeys go to health centers, spas, ski resorts, and places with themes that are well known. Control over money, it's all under control, works first, the pleasure after. In love, the Virgo ii s faithful and often finds one big passion that is the only one even if they break up.

As a Virgo, your most extraordinary quality is as a pedant. To have it all under order and control and to be a little curious. You do have control over whatever you are. Every little detail and you enjoy telling others what should be.
You can have a challenging time when it comes to changes; you want to know what happens from A to Z before getting involved in something new. But when you're on board, then you do it the whole way—and trying your best to take control for the good of all. You need quite a time, and that everything is, it should be, then it's more comfortable for you because responsibility is something that you take far-reaching.

You care about the things that you can see and touch, even the physical. It may be so that you're one of the healthiest signs and strive for the perfect. The responsibility that you take is inflexible, and anyone can trust you. As long as they act after your routines and structure, you may be one of the sweetest friends as long as it all just goes with the flow.

In your responsibility, you can change the things that you feel may be better with a renovation. It is not often that you give yourself time, you can be some of a do-it-all man in your ambition to control life with all its turns.
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