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If you pulled Voidez

If you have pulled to Voidez, the empty or the full, anything can happen now; you have every opportunity to move on and take advantage of life's possibilities. You are the opportunity yourself, so dare invest in what you long for.
If Voidez is hidden, it is about emptying yourself; you have everything but contact with your inner longing.

Voidez carved

The word Voidez on this rune is what I have received; it's not called that in rune languages by many. But I know others who have got the same name on it. There is nothing on the rune itself, according to some modern interpreters. While some, like me, consider that the rune has been carved, a dot to confirm that it exists. It's both empty and whole simultaneously; it's nothing and everything; it's void. The dot can also be seen as a circle, where it shows that there is something (the full) while it is empty within.

If youre drawn to Voidez

If you are drawn to Voidez,the empty or full rune, you are open to life. You have no limitations, or maybe it's that it's the only thing you have. Your inner drive is your love for all things, as well as your fear.

Guidance from Voidez

Work - East
If you stop being yourself, there are all possibilities here and now. Listen to your impulses; dare more. Bring out your desire, and realize it. You have precisely all the power you want; everything is your choice.
Why do you believe that you don't have the power to act? What is stopping you from fulfilling your dreams?
Love - South
Follow the impulses; dare to show how you feel. To receive love - dare to give without waiting. Live in the feeling of the present, be here and now. Be honest with yourself; everything you want is already here.
Why don't you dare to love or be loved? What is your belief in not being connected with your feelings?
Economy - West
Some unexpected income will come your way. It's time to create a balance and dare to invest in what gives you well-being; your assets can be unlimited.
Why do you believe you're not worthy of being secure and having all you wish for?
Health - North
You feel the way you deserve. If you feel anxious, stop now, and take responsibility for your feelings. If you feel good - treat yourself to feel good.
Why don't you take care of yourself, are you stuck in a pattern of believing that you will be confirmed in being out of energy?
Spiritual - Void
Listen to yourself, stop, and be aware of what is most important to you right now. Dare to express yourself; dare to be yourself just as you are. Why do you not listen to your inner guidance, what is stopping you from being connected with your soul?
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