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If you pulled Wynjaz

Enjoy life; all joy is with and for you; relax and do what you do best, be yourself. You spread joy and happiness around you; you experience a positive response to what you give out. The time is on your side just because you have understood the importance of spreading joy.
If Wynjaz is hidden, you may be afraid to succeed and have to take responsibility for everything around you. You answer no when someone asks you for something, and you also say no to most opportunities that come your way. What are you afraid of losing?


Continuation of Uhruz, the knowledge that you can keep it created by directing the last carving inward until there is a flow. Triangles have throughout the ages always represented conservation (pyramids). Here is more security and relaxation and joy.

If youre drawn to Wynjaz

If you are drawn to Wynjaz, it shows that you are present, generous, creative, share all of you. You see the big picture and create a balance in everything that comes your way. You create more opportunities from all that exists. Your inner drive is about realizing more of what is already.

Guidance from Wynjaz

Work - East
A desire and joy over upcoming work, there is more to expect than was initially intended—a period of empathy, happiness, and new spontaneous eventful experiences.
Love - South
An immense feeling of love based on freedom and joy. You feel harmony, fun, and affection.
Economy - West
You may have worried some other time, but right now, you have other things to think about, such as how you can most quickly have time to invest in everything you want and also what you like want.
Health - North
You feel good, feel balanced, happy, and free.
Spiritual - Void
You all vibrate with joy, affection, empathy, and happiness. You here and now - yourself ultimately.
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