Ylva and Runes

I came into contact with runes when I was young up in Norrland. At the time it was the uthark that was my guide, but it didn't feel quite right, the runes "spoke" to me but not in that sequence. I had a rune set in birch that came with me, at some point I drew a rune then mostly for fun, but also with respect and a delight as energies always appealed to me.

Runes weren't popular when I was young,  I got into Tarot, which has been my big commitment, but the runes have occasionally grabbed attention. After I published my first books on Tarot, realized that I enjoyed writing, I wrote a small book about runes, like a divination book, short texts about each rune.

In a contact with a "guide (noid)" I received the instructions to tattoo runes on my body, they would come to me in different phases of my life, fun idea was my first thought. But when the first rune was tattooed on my left wrist, Uhr, I understood the power of the runes.

In Sweden, it is easy to explain that they were our first alphabet.. We also have them on rune stones with stories from the Viking Age. But what else are runes? Each rune is a symbol of knowledge engraved.

I got my first rune initiation from a noid, it was a magical experience, because I'm rarely afraid, but it was too much energy created, I felt that there were no boundaries between realities.

Time passed, for me everything has a meaning, I traveled to Ukraine to participate in a TV show. There I met Raven, he was one of the contestants, we were the only ones with tattooed runes and found each other in magic. We had meetings with runic initiations, we talked through runes, when he spoke Ukrainian/Russian, I Swedish/English. When I got home, I put together the book "Runmagi" where I also wrote about binding runes.

The runes were with me, I connected them with the Tarot, as I do with all spiritual tools.

In 2019 I moved to Spain, found a place on my yard where I saw a rune garden in my mind. A labyrinth of 25 large slabs of stone with a rune carved into them, a place to stand to feel the energy. During the summer, one of my closest friends asked if I couldn't have a course in runes? I've learned that when I spontaneously say yes, then it's just a matter of driving.

The course was magical, one of my best courses, all the participants attended every meeting, they did the tasks they were given and surprised me with their knowledge. For me, it's that we all have everything within us, sometimes it's just someone else or an event that will trigger the memory. Eternally grateful to all course participants who give me that trust.

My course participants wanted more, I wrote down about the binding runes that we only skimmed through, it became part two, later also part three. From runes being my private pleasure and development, they now became something that I shared with others, the runes became an increasingly large part of my everyday life.

One evening I felt compelled to open a new document, it became a book. I have never written a book in "novel form" but only for educational purposes, a challenge, would I be able to do this? "The staff of Uhr" is about the first rune magician. The book is partly built on information from him but also some of my imagination around, but also about energies, which runes are. Each runic symbol creates an energy, is a pattern, a process, an event, laying runes is like reading a rebus.

I almost got every rune (of 25) tattoed on my body, the ones on my hands I have poked in myself, they are binding runes, created for a purpose. I also poke runes on friends.

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