Ylva and Tarot

My Tarot career started when I came into contact with Tarot in 1974 in Nottingham, England where my friends were playing Tarot. Curious, I drew cards, had them interpreted and was  surprised at how well they matched, then when I got home to Sweden and back to my usual playing cards.

My first deck was a Rider Waite that I still have today, but it has a funny story! When I had my shop "Kristallvargen" (Crystal Wolf) in the north of Sweden, one of the girls who worked extra sold it to a customer, because the deck was used as a showing ex she thought she could sell cheap!  I was sad but everything has to have a meaning. A few years later when I was going to have a Tarot course, one of the participants came and complained that her deck didn't work, could it have something to do with the fact that it had already been opened and used when she bought it. Turns out it was my Rider Waite she had. Thank goodness she switched..

Back to 1974 (a lot of many years ago) I laid some cards but was not a good interpreter, I did like most people, laid some cards and read in the accompanying booklet, no concept and the basis of Tarot instead reading what each card had as a description ( which unfortunately many do). The years went by, everything within the new age followed me.

Then I had children and  my life began. I had time r to do what I wanted thanks to their father who gave me the opportunity to be a housewife. I ended up meeting with a shaman and began to learn and understand the whole, all the elements and the wheel of life. One day when I was sitting and "playing" with my Tarot deck, I suddenly understood the connection between the Tarot and all the elements (fire, water, earth, air and ether). Tarot took on a whole new meaning for me, my interpretations became deeper, more insightful, I understood how work, finances, love and the self build our reality around the soul. Then numerology came into my life, surprising, shocked at how it could be so right. I thought  the numerologist interpreting my numeroscope knew me more than myself. Then I started tinkering with the numbers for the Tarot and another lift, another truth that got bigger. I already had the astrology in my luggage, so it was just a matter of building on it.

Tarot is so superior to all methods of interpretation, it holds everything and suits every religion, every culture, past and present.

Around the end of the 90s, Tarot became a full-time job, and I started making notes about the cards, in 92  I opened "Kristallvargen" (Crystal Wolf", people came in and asked about Tarot courses and I didn't know of any and have some myself , Nope!
- Write down my name and phone number if you regret it, I want to join...
In the end it was a course and another and another and. From the beginning, my courses were once a week x 7 times, I traveled, among other things. to different cities 1 time a week  for two seasons. It is also in one town that I have my track record for reading for one day: 92 people  (24 hours).

20 dollars was the price for my first readings, then I realized that if I would afford taxes and all fees, I had to raise to 30.  I published my first book "Tarot step by step" in 1993 and became a guest on Radio and TV and raised the price to 40.  A few years passed and then I was up to 50 in 1994.

In 1995, me and my friends Anna Åberg and Janne Püschel started the Swedish Tarot Association. Our motivation was that there would be an organization for everyone who liked Tarot. A membership both for practitioners and interpreters, where as an interpreter you would have to take tests and show that you could interpret the Tarot (I took many tests myself to be really sure during discussions that I could).  We marketed ourselves and had over 200 members all over Sweden.  I was chairman of the association.

Our criteria for the authorized Tarot interpreters was that, in addition to passing the exam, they should be alcohol & drug free (during readings), not tell of death and have a duty of confidentiality about their clients. I think there were 20. which were authorized. Nowadays I carry out my project not as a Tarot Association but as the Tarot Academy where only the very best Tarot interpreters are presented = Cert. Tarot Master. They have all gone through basic training and passed exams for me so I know I can proudly refer to them and that they are serious.

In 2000, I created my first distance course in Tarot,  it was via an email a day. Since then it has evolved because I think the Internet is absolutely fantastic, so now I have the courses with login. 

In 2002 I realized  that I am a true Tarot expert. As far as I know, I was the first to publish a Swedish book (not translated from English) and today I have 27 books written, of which 16 are on the subject of Tarot. 2 solid compendiums, course material. several distance courses and education. Almost daily consultations. That makes me a Tarot expert. No one in the whole of Scandinavia has written so much about Tarot, is there anyone in the whole world who has achieved more in the subject?

Over the years, I have also  Crystal Wolf Tarot deck with additional booklet, and the Erotica Tarot with book, and it doesn't end here. In 2011 I wrote Tarot, the cards on the table which is my absolute best Tarot book and in 2013 I published my Tarot deck- Prisma Tarot.

Over the years, because it's been a lot of years I've had periods where I didn't want to interpret Tarot at all, but sooner or later I pick up the deck for others again just because it's very interesting. But mostly I'm passionate about teaching Tarot, it's a fantastic spiritual tool for personal development.

My Tarot Interpretations are not the classic ones with tall dark men/chubby blondes (although there can be) and million winnings (which I have seen a few times) but more often what is in everyday life, how someone feels, can feel better by releasing patterns, how anyone can realize their potential and create a happier life. And I don't think it's a coincidence instead a perfect synchronization.

You are welcome to get in touch if you, like me, feel that I can inspire you via a consultation or a course. Looking forward to my contact with you.
/ Ylva
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