Ylva and Aura, chakras and colors

When I was young I could read people's energy, sometimes see a color but nothing that I thought about.

My big aha experience about the aura came in 1994 when I was impressed by talking about such a talented woman that interpreting the aura. I didn't hesitate after all the talk about how good she was and ordered an aura interpretation for the whole 160 dollars and when I opened the letter, saw the horrible, boring sloppy painting and read what she wrote, the letter contained four A4 pages. the first was a template of information. Then two pages about me and then a page where I could order additional information for the 40 dollar á page, well, then I was frankly so pissed (mostly at myself who had been so easily deceived) that I said some chosen words that didn't suitable for printing. Ended it all with - Your b-h, I know this better than you. Whereupon my friend turned to me and smiled and said - The rest of us already know that, so when are you going to start?

I'm not a competitive person but certain things kick me off, maybe because I'm a Sagittarius, I demand truth and justice and honesty. This interpretation contained none of that so I said ok, I'll start. And then I decided to do the very best and I thought the most important thing was missing, namely the information about the energy in the chakras which was perhaps the most important. I made a template and said that now I was doing aura interpretations with chakra readings for 60 dollars.  And it was one aura after another and one thing led to another. As an aura photo machine, which also made me furious as it was pretty much a pure scam but also that I came into contact with color baths which was a great experience.

At a fair I met the woman who created them. That led to some work in Norway, and even more colors. And a completely different aura machine that really showed everything, chakra values, physical organs value and the aura based on the energy. Then I ended up back on Tarot but this with colors has always gone hand in hand. When I worked for the Norwegian company I was asked if I could write positive short texts for each base color and each color together with another of those colors and when I was done it turned out to be as many color combinations as there are cards in a Tarot deck .

Then it continued with texts about the aura, chakras and colors, a book, some courses and a distance course that was revised in the spring of 2015 into what I consider to be the best distance course on the subject ever. I love color, the fact is that I hardly own any black clothes, which I often ban as it is absolutely killing energy. Energy is something that we all need a lot of, not just in color, in everything from thought to action, from nourishment to being in them.

Personally, I love mostly turquoise , which is the color of change, and then magenta (burgundy), which is the color of experience. But any color except black works, although I think a black kitchen is insanely beautiful.

Every color is a vibration and the whole universe is made up of vibrations, some of them benefit us, give more energy, some balance and some unbalance and take more energy and create chaos in the end. Sometimes there are talk about energy thieves, actually they are vibration thieves who know how to take energy from someone else, so maybe they are worth that energy?  What I mean is that you have an obligation to keep track of your energy and balance and replenish it and not blame others when your energy is not enough.

Regarding the subject of color, chakras and the aura, you can soon  join my distance learning course and learn to create color magic yourself.
Live colorfully
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